Chapter 337 - Take Action

Chapter 337 Take Action.


Chapter 337 – Take Action

“Mm? Secret?”

Lin Ming paused. The man in the bamboo hat had called Zhou Xinyu his junior-apprentice sister a moment ago. From this, he knew that they were also from the Moon Seizing Sect.

Now that the Moon Seizing Sect no longer existed, these surviving disciples began to eat each other. They were probably fighting over something, and it seemed to be this so-called secret.

Lin Ming narrowed his eyes as he looked at the black-shrouded man on the Heavenly Wind Eagle. Lin Ming didn’t immediately answer Zhou Xinyu, because he simply wasn’t a match for that black-shrouded man. Although that man had strength similar to the Sludge Monster, the difference between fighting that Sludge Monster and that black-shrouded man was immense. The Sludge Monster was a relatively immobile creature that, coupled with its huge size, was easy to strike with his Thunderfire Annihilation. But the black-shrouded man was different; Lin Ming might not even have the chance to strike.

If Lin Ming used Thunderfire Annihilation at the highest level he could, it would instantly consume 60% of his true essence reserves. If he missed, he would no longer have the strength to resist.

Not only that, but there was also a middle Houtian master standing...

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