Chapter 335 - Concealment Technique

Chapter 335 Concealment Technique.


Chapter 335 – Concealment Technique

Lin Ming hadn’t been able to see through Bi Luo’s appearance changing technique.

When Bi Luo had lured Lin Ming into a trap by telling him of the Seraphic Pond Mountain, whether it was temperament, appearance, or breath, all of those were indistinguishable from the true Qin Ziya. Even though Lin Ming felt that something was strange during that time, he was still tricked. This was because Bi Luo’s appearance changing technique was simply too perfect.

At that time, Lin Ming thought that he couldn’t see through Bi Luo’s disguise because their strength was too far apart. But now, Bi Luo had changed into an old man, and Lin Ming’s strength was beyond Bi Luo’s. Still, even though he had correctly guessed Bi Luo’s identity, even though he widened his eyes and looked, releasing his entire perception, he still didn’t manage to see a single flaw in Bi Luo’s appearance changing technique. Lin Ming had to admit that Bi Luo’s disguise was too clever.

Moreover, Lin Ming cultivated the ‘Overbearing Soul Tactic’, so his soul force and perception were far beyond that of a martial artist at the same level. Afterwards, he had comprehended the Samsara martial intent and his perception had taken another step...

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