Chapter 334 - Moon Seizing Sect’s Hidden Treasures

Chapter 334 Moon Seizing Sect’s Hidden Treasures.


Chapter 334 – Moon Seizing Sect’s Hidden Treasures

Seeing Lin Ming and Lan Yi’s departing forms, Zhuang Fan glanced at Lin Wanshan and said, “Old Lin, Lin Ming is 16 this year isn’t he?

“Mm… it’s about time for engagement.”

According to the traditions of Sky Fortune Kingdom, once a man reached 16 years of age and became an adult, he could be engaged, and once he reached 18 years of age, he could get married.

But a martial artist was fundamentally different. It wasn’t strange for a Xiantian realm martial artist to not be married even at 100 years of age. Lin Wanshan didn’t know what sort of plans Lin Ming had for marriage, or if he even planned to. With a single word from Lin Wanshan, he could decide who a common Lin Family junior would have to marry. If they wanted to marry who they wanted, they would have to leave the family.

But as for something so important as Lin Ming’s marriage, that was something that Lin Wanshan had absolutely no power to influence. It would all be up to Lin Ming’s own choice.

Zhuang Fan sighed, then shook his head. He casually spoke a few words regarding Lin Ming’s age of engagement, but Lin Ming was destined to never marry into their Zhuang Family as a son-in-law. Their Zhuang Family simply couldn’t produce a daughter that was able to match up to Lin Ming. He guessed that every noble family in Sky Fortune City already...

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