Chapter 333 - Lan Yi’s Request

Chapter 333 Lan Yi’s Request.


Chapter 333 – Lan Yi’s Request

The flames burned brightly. Lin Ming carried the Purple Comet Spear and walked towards the flames. With a wave of his hand, an invisible energy rushed forth, dividing the flames and revealing a passageway.

The Sludge Monster had already stopped struggling. There were only a few tentacles that were still roasting in the fiery heat, curling up as they burnt to ash.

With a single spear, Lin Ming slashed apart the Sludge Monster, walking directly into its body.

Chi chi chi!

Green mucus fell like rain, but it was all burnt away by flames.

A moment later, Lin Ming took out a fist-sized inner core pearl from the Sludge monster, placing it into a spatial ring.

All vicious beasts above the fourth-level had core pearls within them. Whether it was for alchemy or for countering poisons,...

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