Chapter 333 - Lan Yi’s Request

Chapter 333 Lan Yi’s Request.


Chapter 333 – Lan Yi’s Request

The flames burned brightly. Lin Ming carried the Purple Comet Spear and walked towards the flames. With a wave of his hand, an invisible energy rushed forth, dividing the flames and revealing a passageway.

The Sludge Monster had already stopped struggling. There were only a few tentacles that were still roasting in the fiery heat, curling up as they burnt to ash.

With a single spear, Lin Ming slashed apart the Sludge Monster, walking directly into its body.

Chi chi chi!

Green mucus fell like rain, but it was all burnt away by flames.

A moment later, Lin Ming took out a fist-sized inner core pearl from the Sludge monster, placing it into a spatial ring.

All vicious beasts above the fourth-level had core pearls within them. Whether it was for alchemy or for countering poisons, the Sludge Monster’s core pearl would be an extremely good material. Naturally, Lin Ming wouldn’t leave it.

The Sludge Monster’s sinews were also a good material. But the Sludge Monster had been slashed apart by Lin Ming, and had also been charred black. These sinews no longer had any value.

The flames separated into a path as Lin Ming carried his Purple Comet Spear and walked out from the blazing inferno, his spearpoint leading the way. At this time, his hair was loose, and he was covered in residual arcs of purple lightning and flame. At this moment, he looked like a peerless demon god.

The person closest to Lin Ming was the yellow-clothed youth from the Moon Seizing Sect. The yellow clothed-youth was slumped on the ground, exhausted. As he watched Lin Ming emerge from the fire, his lips twitched, and his eyes were blank like he had lost his soul.

He thought that Lin Ming was inviting death with that spear of his, but he never imagined that a single blow was able to kill the Sludge Monster…

This was a fifth-level vicious beast, whose strength was comparable to a peak Houtian martial artist. As for Lin Ming, his cultivation was only at the mere middle Pulse Condensation period!

Who was he?

The yellow-clothed youth was very clear just how terrifying it was to have this strength at this cultivation, and at such a young age!

It was impossible for him to be unknown.

At this moment, he heard a rallying cry spread through the entire army, as if it were an endless tide.

“Long live Hero Lin!”

“Long live Hero Lin!”

“Long live Hero Lin!”

“Long live Hero Lin!”

To an ordinary soldier, Lin Ming was their benefactor and also their savior. Without Lin Ming, not only would they have died, but all their family that stood behind them would have been turned to bones by the vicious beast tide.

Surname Lin… His surname was Lin…

A 16 year old genius surnamed Lin… a name suddenly popped up in the yellow-clothed youth’s heart, causing him to be completely petrified. He sat on the ground like a statue, watching as Lin Ming walked past him…

The cheers continued. Lin Ming looked in the distance to see that the soldiers were all bloodied, but they were cheering in high spirits, and his mood became complex.

In this battle, the ones that had the greatest impact were the masters. But, if these soldiers hadn’t used their own bodies to create a wall of flesh and blood to block off the beast tide, then no matter how strong Lin Ming was, or how many vicious beast he killed, they would have broken into Green Mulberry City and killed innocents.

In this fight, these ordinary soldiers had paid the greatest cost, but the cheers and accolades they received were the least.

He even saw a soldier who had lost his arm in battle. After a simple wrap to staunch the bleeding, this soldier used all of his weary strength to raise his right arm, saluting Lin Ming.

At this moment, Lin Ming’s heart suddenly felt heavy. This was a war of mortals. In an army that was once 10,000 strong, there were now only a few thousand left. To the soldiers, being able to survive, or knowing that their families were safe, was already the best possible result.

Thinking of the culprit that was behind this entire farce – the South Sea Demon Region, Lin Ming’s mind and heart filled with waves of surging hatred.

To a lofty fifth-grade sect, the lives of mortals were no different than ants.

In order to swallow Divine Phoenix Island and the South Horizon Region, and to warn the 19 third-grade sects, the South Sea Demon Region didn’t hesitate for a second before setting off a terrifying beast tide that embroiled the entire Divine Phoenix Province. Because of their actions, death reigned everywhere, and countless innocent lives were lost.

Lin Ming walked towards the army camp and hadn’t even arrived when he was swarmed by people. They were all being led by high level people of Green Mulberry City such as Lin Wanshan and Zhuang Fan.

That vivid image of Lin Ming killing the Sludge Monster with a single strike of his spear could be described as a miracle. The monster was the size of a hill, but was stabbed to death with a single move. Purple lightning and roaring flames had impacted the heavens; this had left a greatly humbling impact upon everyone watching.

The Salt Clan’s Shi Linkai had a very ruddy complexion, red with excitement. He laughed loudly and said, “Hero Lin, you are truly a war god reincarnate!”

He was ready to let out some more praise, when he found that something didn’t seem right about Lin Ming’s condition.

“Hero Lin, is everything alright?”

Lin Ming waved his hand and said, “I’m good. I just need to rest for a moment.”

Lin Ming had only consumed too much energy; it wasn’t because he was injured by the Sludge Monster. The Sludge Monster had a great deal of corrosive mucus in its body, but most of it was burnt away by the power of thunder and fire. As for the rest, it wasn’t able to melt through Lin Ming’s protective true essence.

At this time, a white-clothed girl came out from the crowd. Her delicate red lips parted, and she carefully called out, “Sir Lin.”

This girl was Lan Yi. She had seen all she needed in that brief moment to confirm that this was Lin Ming. Within all of the talents of the 19 third-grade sects, who could display this level of power besides Lin Ming?

In fact, according to Lan Yi’s impression, Lin Ming should not have had this amount of terrifying combat strength. This was not strength that a Pulse Condensation period martial artist should have. In fact, there were even certain elders within the Moon Seizing Sect that couldn’t match up. The Moon Seizing Sect was a relatively weak and small sect, and some of the outer court elders were only at the peak Houtian realm. Their attack power would never reach this level.

For a 16 year to have attack power that compared favorably to an outer court elder of the Moon Seizing Sect… Lin Ming truly deserved his title as the top talent and young genius within the 19 third-grade sects.

Lan Yi never expected that she would meet Lin Ming in such a remote mortal city. Naturally, she would not miss this rare opportunity.

Lin Ming looked up at Lan Yi, “What’s the matter?”

At this point, Lin Ming was able to confirm that Lan Yi had recognized him. The reason she repeatedly approached him must be because she had some matter to discuss.

“Sir Lin, this is a Blue Lotus Pill, it can help you recover your strength.” As Lan Yi spoke, she took out a small bottle from her spatial ring. A rich aroma emitted from the pill – it was indeed a top-grade pill.

“I don’t need it.” Lin Ming waved, “I already have pills. If Miss Lan has any matters to discuss, please speak frankly.”


For a moment, Lan Yi seemed somewhat embarrassed. To brazenly and openly ask others for help was quite difficult.

At this point, Shi Linkai also revealed a mischievous smile, his eyes lighting up with a ‘hehe’ expression. He gave Lin Ming a meaningful glance, silently saying ‘Brother, you are very fierce!’, and quickly excused himself and left.

Obviously, to Shi Linkai, Lan Yi was infatuated with Lin Ming. To him, this was a completely normal matter. After all, beautiful women loved heroes, the two were of a similar age, and Lin Ming had an attractive aura to him.

As Shi Linkai thought that he was being clever, this caused Lan Yi to be even more embarrassed. She coughed and said, “Sir Lin, I would like to request a favor, may I speak with you alone?”

“Alright, let’s go to the army compound.” Lin Ming also wanted to understand how the Moon Seizing Sect was attacked, so he didn’t reject her.


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