Chapter 332 - Brilliance of Thunderfire

Chapter 332 Brilliance of Thunderfire.


Chapter 332 – Brilliance of Thunderfire

“Brothers, while we have two masters in front dealing with the tentacle monster, we will defend against the beast tide! As long as we can last, and the two masters can kill that strange tentacle beast, we will win!” A soldier shouted out from the battlefield.

However, the soldier’s words didn’t have much effect. Anyone could see that the yellow-clothed youth and Lin Ming were in a very disadvantageous position against the Sludge Monster. After the yellow-clothed youth had been injured at the very start, he was forced into danger. As for Lin Ming, he was worse than the yellow-clothed youth, dodging around the sides and not even attacking once.

In this situation, it was already good for the yellow-clothed youth and Lin Ming to not die against the Sludge Monster, let alone kill it.

Even so, none of the soldiers retreated. Behind them was Green Mulberry City, where their parents, wives, children, and everyone they else that they loved lived. If Green Mulberry City fell, everyone within would die.

How could they even think of retreating?

Rumble rumble rumble!

Tentacles lashed out like a flurry of whips. The yellow-clothed youth was desperately...

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