Chapter 332 - Brilliance of Thunderfire

Chapter 332 Brilliance of Thunderfire.


Chapter 332 – Brilliance of Thunderfire

“Brothers, while we have two masters in front dealing with the tentacle monster, we will defend against the beast tide! As long as we can last, and the two masters can kill that strange tentacle beast, we will win!” A soldier shouted out from the battlefield.

However, the soldier’s words didn’t have much effect. Anyone could see that the yellow-clothed youth and Lin Ming were in a very disadvantageous position against the Sludge Monster. After the yellow-clothed youth had been injured at the very start, he was forced into danger. As for Lin Ming, he was worse than the yellow-clothed youth, dodging around the sides and not even attacking once.

In this situation, it was already good for the yellow-clothed youth and Lin Ming to not die against the Sludge Monster, let alone kill it.

Even so, none of the soldiers retreated. Behind them was Green Mulberry City, where their parents, wives, children, and everyone they else that they loved lived. If Green Mulberry City fell, everyone within would die.

How could they even think of retreating?

Rumble rumble rumble!

Tentacles lashed out like a flurry of whips. The yellow-clothed youth was desperately dodging all of the attacks; he didn’t even have any strength to launch a full counterattack. Occasionally, he would gasp in exhaustion and slash out with several sword energies towards the dreamland enchantment.

However, the dreamland enchantment wasn’t something the yellow-clothed youth could hope to break through; his sword couldn’t even cause the barrier to shake.

“Boy called Lin, I… I’ve already… caught its attention, quick… hurry up and attack the Sludge Monster! Otherwise we’ll both die here!”

The yellow-clothed youth was thinking of escaping and having Lin Ming attack to draw the attention of the Sludge Monster. However, Lin Ming remained unmoved.

Seeing Lin Ming turn a deaf ear to his pleas and not even help just a bit, the yellow-clothed youth became angry. He rushed over to Lin Ming, intending to drag him down too, but Lin Ming was just too speedy and nimble. There was no way the yellow-clothed youth could catch him.


The yellow-clothed youth suddenly let out a miserable cry. His leg had rubbed against some corrosive mucus, and was immediately covered in blood.

A wound of this level wasn’t enough to disable him, but it made dodging even more difficult.

The yellow-clothed youth gritted his teeth and used this life and death crisis to push his body to its limits. But he knew that he simply wouldn’t be able to keep this up for much longer.

At this time, Lin Ming had already poured a vast majority of the true essence in his body into the Heretical God Seed, constantly compressing it. The power of the Heretical God Seed had already been restored to 95%!

“Just hold on a bit longer.”

Lin Ming looked at the shaking enchantment barriers around him, his mind in complete concentration. Although the Sludge Monster was attacking the yellow-clothed youth, every time it did so, the attack would also splash onto the dreamland enchantment, causing an enormous impact upon it.

The Sludge Monster’s strength was over 100,000 jins. There was no way that the dreamland enchantment would be able to resist this sort of force for much longer.

“It’s almost ready.”

Lin Ming could feel that the total compression of the Heretical God Seed’s power was about to be completed, but the dreamland enchantment wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

The dreamland enchantment had a great practical value for Lin Ming, he didn’t want to lose it like this. Just as the dreamland enchantment reached its limit, at that moment, Lin Ming waved his hand and directly stored the Dreamland Pearl away.

At this time, the Heretical God Force was fully saturated!


The yellow-clothed youth was slapped by the Sludge Monster’s tentacle. He flew backwards, spitting blood, no different than a broken ragdoll.

As the yellow-clothed youth flew back, spitting blood, the air whistling in his ears, he didn’t need to look to see that the tentacles were attacking him once again. At this critical moment, the yellow-clothed youth stirred up all of the remaining strength he had, completely willing himself up with his survival instincts, fighting back the intense pain in his organs, and then rushing forwards, barely escaping the fatal blow.

He desperately shouted at Lin Ming, “If… I… if I die, then you’ll die an even worse death! Hurry up and attack its eye… its weakness! Otherwise… we’ll all die!”

In the turbulent wind, the yellow-clothed youth’s voice was barely audible, cut off again and again. In truth, he didn’t know the weakness of the Sludge Monster. Perhaps the Sludge Monster didn’t even have a weakness. The yellow-clothed youth only said this because he wanted to lure Lin Ming in to attack the Sludge Monster’s eye, angering it.

However, the yellow-clothed youth also knew that there was no way a timid and cowardly fellow like Lin Ming would ever attack.

But he didn’t expect to see Lin Ming’s spear and entire body flashing with bright sparks of thunder and flame, incomparably radiant.

Seeing this, the yellow-clothed youth was stunned, and then started chuckling to himself. This boy was finally fooled!

It seemed that the boy called Lin was finally making his move, and not only that, but it looked like his ultimate strike. With that boy as a diversion, the yellow-clothed youth might be able to survive. A moment ago, he had felt the dreamland enchantment finally vanish, or he would have hit the barrier.

As the dream world enchantment vanished, the boy called Lin impulsively rushed towards the Sludge Monster to launch his attack. This attack would inevitably attract the Sludge Monster towards him.

This was the best chance he would have to escape. The yellow-clothed youth could only hope that Lin Ming’s attack was strong enough to provoke the Sludge Monster. He would have thanked Lin Ming in gratitude for giving him this opportunity to escape, but it would have been nothing but a joke. If it wasn’t for Lin Ming, how would he ever have been caught in this dangerous situation? He looked forward to seeing Lin Ming die under the Sludge Monster’s strike.

The yellow-clothed youth withstood the pain and displayed his highest movement technique to escape. This time, the only thing that mattered to him was escaping all of this. What Green Mulberry City? He didn’t care at all about the soldiers’ lives, and even Lan Yi’s life was nothing compared to this.

Wind whistled. Lin Ming opened up the Heretical God Force, the Thunder Soul and Flame Essence in his body intensely trembling.

Although everyone could see that Lin Ming was about to launch his attack, no one besides him knew just how terrifying the power of this strike would be.

True essence crazily flooded into the Heretical God Seed. The compressed power of thunder and fire was at its limits, like a dam that was about to burst open. With the Purple Comet Spear in his hand, the power of thunder and fire was enhanced to the extreme.

Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder!

Earthcore Crimson Flame!

With the Thunder Soul and Flame Essence as its source, this would be the strongest Thunderfire Annihilation. Even if Lin Ming opened up the Heretical God Force, it would be exceedingly difficult to control its power.

The spearpoint faced out. Lin Ming’s entire body was twined with arcs of lightning and wreaths of fire; he directly shot towards the Sludge Monster like a blazing meteor!

Time seemed to slow down. The waving tentacles, the shouts of the soldiers, the roar of the beasts, all of this disappeared, leaving only the terrifying reverberations of thunder and fire echoing in the air.

Peng! Peng!

Two tentacles swiped at Lin Ming. But, they were instantly pierced through by Lin Ming and his spear! The green corrosive mucus was instantly burnt to nothing by the thick power of thunder and fire in the air. Lin Ming rushed towards the Sludge Monster, overwhelming, unstoppable!

Thunderfire Annihilation!


An ultimate power broke forth. In the night sky, it was like a purple sun had dawned. A large fissure appeared in the Sludge Monster, a massive amount of blood and viscous green liquid flowing out.

Lin Ming carried on his slaughter straight through, penetrating the Sludge Monster’s body and rushing out the other side, a shower of green blood appearing in his wake!


A gorgeous and shining pillar of flame and thunder pierced into the sky; the Sludge Monster roared in pain.

Flames lit the entire night sky. Countless vicious beasts were charred alive by the fire, there were innumerable casualties as vicious beasts fell to the floor.

Even the nearby yellow-clothed youth almost died. The flames’ shock wave smashed into him, sending him tumbling onto the floor, his hair and clothes burnt.

At this time, he couldn’t care about these things. He could only look at that raging inferno with incredulity, feeling the life-force of the Sludge Monster weakening, his heart shaking.

The Sludge Monster died?

How… what… just what had happened?

The Sludge Monster seemed to be the leader of the second tide of vicious beasts. As its corpse burnt within the fire, all of the vicious beasts stopped as if they had lost all of their courage, and stopped attacking.

Every vicious beast turned towards the Sludge Monster that was wrapped in a cloak of flame. Then, after several breaths of time, they began to retreat like an ebbing tide, running away from Green Mulberry City.


Soon, all of the vicious beasts on the battlefield retreated, leaving behind only corpses.

The vicious beasts retreated?

All of Green Mulberry City’s soldiers, standing among mounds of flesh and blood, their bodies exhausted and barely able to stand, could hardly believe as they watched the vicious beasts retreat.

That dreadful inferno that pierced through the heavens seemed to cast a warmth on their bodies, heating up their cold spirits.

We won?

No one could believe this as they stared at the giant hill that was the Sludge Monster. That invincible Sludge Monster had actually been killed by Lin Ming in one move.

“We won!”

“The vicious beasts have retreated!”

After a moment of silence, all of the soldiers burst out in thunderous cheers. Many people embraced each other in excitement, hot tears streaking down their faces. The tears ran down faces that were matted with dust and blood, leaving behind clear traces.

These soldiers were different from Lin Ming. After all, they were only mortal. If Green Mulberry City could not be defended, Lin Ming could freely retreat. But as for them, they did not have such a luxury. During this war, the soldiers who came were already prepared to die on this battlefield.

The vicious beast tide seemed endless. They were already at their limits, but then the Sludge Monster had appeared, and the vicious beasts grew increasingly violent, nearly overwhelming their hearts.

However, against everyone’s expectations, the Sludge Monster had been utterly destroyed by Lin Ming in a single strike. After the amazing reversal that followed, they had won!


Beside the Sludge Monster, Lin Ming knelt on the floor, propping himself up with his spear. His energy consumption had been massive; this single blow had exhausted a full 60% of his true essence.

With his current strength, even though he had opened the Heretical God Force and also had the increased power of the Purple Comet Spear, he couldn’t use the full strength of Thunderfire Annihilation. He was just barely able to use 70-80% of its strength. Even so, it had still drained him of so much energy.

As Lin Ming looked at the giant pyre of flames, he took a deep breath, and pulled out a pill from his spatial ring, eating it to help restore his true essence. Although it sounded terrifying that he had killed the Sludge Monster in a single blow, this didn’t mean that Lin Ming had strength equal to a sect’s peak Houtian martial artist.

The Sludge Monster had a massive body, and it was also slow. In the end, it couldn’t avoid attacks and became an easy target.

Lin Ming’s most outstanding aspect was his attack power. Once he used Thunderfire Annihilation, its power was truly earth-shattering. But, when facing a top Houtian martial artist like Qin Ziya, he might not have the chance to do so.


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