Chapter 331 - Sludge Monster

Chapter 331 Sludge Monster.


Chapter 331 – Sludge Monster

The yellow-clothed youth was shocked as he saw Lin Ming shatter all of his sword energies. This boy, he had some real skill!

He hadn’t stayed his hand in that last strike, but because he had slashed out so quickly, he hadn’t used the sword techniques and cultivation methods of the Moon Seizing Sect. The power in that last move was only 20-30% of his strongest sword technique.

“I wonder how many swords you can block? Sword Energy Transverse!”

The aura of the yellow-clothed youth suddenly changed, true essence twining around his body, becoming sharp and deadly. Murderous intent surged out from him.

The yellow-clothed youth was prepared to fight with everything he had.

Lin Ming’s expression sank. He only thought that this misunderstanding was strange and inexplicable. Even if he explained it, the explanation wouldn’t be clear. How would the yellow-clothed youth ever believe that the goddess of his heart had approached Lin Ming by her own initiative? Even if Lin Ming could prove it, this yellow-clothed youth still wouldn’t accept it.

Lin Ming flourished his spear, the power of thunder sparkling. True essence jetted into the air like fabric that was being harshly torn.

Although the yellow-clothed...

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