Chapter 331 - Sludge Monster

Chapter 331 Sludge Monster.


Chapter 331 – Sludge Monster

The yellow-clothed youth was shocked as he saw Lin Ming shatter all of his sword energies. This boy, he had some real skill!

He hadn’t stayed his hand in that last strike, but because he had slashed out so quickly, he hadn’t used the sword techniques and cultivation methods of the Moon Seizing Sect. The power in that last move was only 20-30% of his strongest sword technique.

“I wonder how many swords you can block? Sword Energy Transverse!”

The aura of the yellow-clothed youth suddenly changed, true essence twining around his body, becoming sharp and deadly. Murderous intent surged out from him.

The yellow-clothed youth was prepared to fight with everything he had.

Lin Ming’s expression sank. He only thought that this misunderstanding was strange and inexplicable. Even if he explained it, the explanation wouldn’t be clear. How would the yellow-clothed youth ever believe that the goddess of his heart had approached Lin Ming by her own initiative? Even if Lin Ming could prove it, this yellow-clothed youth still wouldn’t accept it.

Lin Ming flourished his spear, the power of thunder sparkling. True essence jetted into the air like fabric that was being harshly torn.

Although the yellow-clothed youth wasn’t too talented, for better or for worse he was still a Houtian master from a sect. If Lin Ming wanted to end this battle quickly, he had to take it seriously. The Heretical God Force still hadn’t been fully restored, but even if it was, Lin Ming wouldn’t use it just for this.

As the battle between the two was about to begin, at that moment, a gigantic roar resounded throughout the entire battle field, no different than a thunderclap.

The yellow-clothed youth was startled, his heart trembling. He looked towards the depths of the beast tide and saw a vast shadow moving towards them, shaped like a hill.

The yellow-clothed youth was shocked; what was that!?

Lin Ming was also taken aback, his expression becoming solemn.

“Fifth-level vicious beast?”

A fourth-level vicious beast was already equal to a common mortal’s Houtian level martial artist. As for a fifth-level vicious beast, that was equal to a common mortal’s Xiantian level martial artist!

Of course, because martial artists of the common world had an unstable foundation, they had practically no chance of ever reaching the Xiantian realm. Thus, this level of strength didn’t actually exist. A fifth-level vicious beast was most likely equal to a sect’s peak Houtian martial artist, or even one that was a half-step into the Xiantian realm.

This was also Qin Ziya’s strength.


The terrifying roar was no different to landslides and tsunamis, the entire ground shook.

When an ordinary person heard this roar, their ears became deaf and their mind shook. Many soldiers whose strength were already at the limit were almost thrown to the floor with this roar.

As a result, the formation made up of thousands of soldiers was suddenly in disarray, in a precarious situation!

In contrast, the tens of thousands of vicious beasts that heard this roar became even more ferocious, as if they had been doused in blood.

The entire battlefield was in chaos.

Zhuang Fan and Lin Wanshan’s complexions changed. The situation had changed so quickly that they hadn’t even had time to respond. Against a fifth-level vicious beast, what could they possibly do?

Now, Lin Ming was too busy to bother with the yellow-clothed youth anymore. If he let that fifth-level vicious beast break through the lines, the army would inevitably collapse. When that happened, Green Mulberry City would be overwhelmed in a single swoop.

He had to divert that vicious beast somehow. If Lin Ming faced that vicious beast head-on, he wasn’t confident he could defeat it. Its strength was higher than his, and most importantly, the Heretical God Force that he had used to deal with Bi Luo had only been restored to about 70-80% capacity. If he used Thunder Annihilation now, he wouldn’t be able to unleash its maximum power.

He had to stall for time.

Lin Ming turned and saw that the yellow-clothed youth had actually turned somewhat pale. Lin Ming laughed loudly and said, “Hm, what’s wrong? Are you scared?”

The yellow-clothed youth was stunned for a moment before he furiously said, “You have the face to say I’m scared? Who do you think is the turtle from earlier? From the very start you went into hiding, and only just came back!”

Lin Ming didn’t even seem to hear the yellow-clothed youth’s taunt. He said, “You want to bet? Let’s see who can persist against this fifth-level vicious beast for the longest, and who can damage it the most. The loser has to stay far away from Lan Yi, how about it?”

The yellow-clothed youth smiled and said, “The loser has to stay far away from Lan Yi? Haha, who do you think you are? What a toad that wishes to eat swan meat. You think you qualify to make a bet with me?”

Lin Ming indifferently said, “It doesn’t matter who qualifies, only who dares and who dares not. If you don’t want to bet, then I’ll just go myself.”

After Lin Ming finished speaking, he ignored the yellow-clothed youth and rushed out with his spear!

The yellow-clothed youth’s complexion changed. This boy actually went by himself!?

He thought that Lin Ming was deliberately needling him, trying to provoke him into doing something stupid, and didn’t have the courage to go in. He didn’t think that Lin Ming would actually do it. He could feel Lan Yi’s eyes on him from behind. It seemed as if Lan Yi already had a good impression of this boy; how could he let him show off again?

The yellow-clothed youth instantly understood Lin Ming’s plan. A fifth-level vicious beast was strong, and this massive vicious beast in front of him truly did have a terrifying strength. But, it was slow. As long as he was careful and didn’t get too close, he wouldn’t be in any danger. This boy was actually thinking of making a bet against this fifth-level vicious beast so he could look good, showing off his heroism and bravery but without placing himself in danger. This plan was truly well-crafted!

Thinking this, the yellow-clothed youth ground his teeth in anger; he had almost been fooled by this boy again!

He grasped his longsword and followed Lin Ming.

It only took a moment for Lin Ming and the yellow-clothed youth to cross five miles. After they approaching, they saw just how massive the vicious beast was. It was over 200 feet tall, and its body was a dirty ash-gray all over. Its build resembled a giant octopus, and it was covered with dozens of thick and coarse tentacles.

“Sludge Monster.”

Lin Ming had seen the record of this vicious beast in the ancient story books within the Seven Profound Martial House. This beast lived in the darkest swamps of the Southern Wilderness, and was usually hidden within the thick mud of the swamps. It used its great tentacles to catch its prey. Once a martial artist was wrapped by its tentacles and dragged into the mud, it was only a matter of waiting to die.

Because the Sludge Monster stayed underground all year long, its main body was actually very slow, and an exceedingly good target!

Of course, that was only its main body. Its tentacles were extremely fast. If one assumed that it was slow and thus posed no threat, that person was truly an idiot waiting to die.


As Lin Ming approached, a giant tentacle slashed towards him like a whip!

Although the Sludge Monster was strong, he was still able to block a single tentacle. He displayed his movement technique and dodged, running around the Sludge Monster.

He had to stall for time so he could completely restore the Heretical God Force, rather than engage in an epic struggle with the Sludge Monster.

Behind Lin Ming, the yellow-clothed youth rushed up just in time to see this scene. “He won’t even dare to attack a tentacle, and runs away from the Sludge Monster? This fellow still actually looks down on me, he is too outrageous!”

The yellow-clothed youth’s teeth itched with resentment. He was already fully assured that Lin Ming was acting, and putting on a fearless appearance so he could play a hero in front of Lan Yi, when the truth was, he was actually nothing.

“If you want to act, then I’ll follow you. Let’s see whose acting skills are better.” The yellow-clothed youth sneered. He had complete self-confidence in his strength. As for acting? Then that would look at who was stronger. Whoever was stronger would be able to display an ever greater performance!

At this moment, the wind roared, and a thick tentacle slapped towards the yellow-clothed youth!

Seeing this, the yellow-clothed youth instantly became happy. Who the real deal was would naturally be seen.

“Sword Sweeping 1000 Soldiers!”

The youth’s entire body coursed with reckless sword energy. Sword Sweeping 1000 Soldiers was his strongest move. Once he used it, it was absolutely overwhelming, able to move even mountains!

Countless sword energies bombarded the thick tentacle, causing wounds several feet deep. Green slime splashed into the sky.


As the Sludge Monster felt pain, it reflexively shrunk its tentacle.

The yellow-clothed youth was very satisfied with the outcome of his attack. He didn’t even have time to turn back and smile at Lan Yi when, at that moment, his expression changed.

Hu hu hu hu!

A dozen tentacles swept towards the yellow-clothed youth like a wave from all sides. He was able to repel a single tentacle, but if so many came together, could he still force them back?

The Sludge Monster had already turned all of its attention to the yellow-clothed youth. To the Sludge Monster, that wound was simply nothing. It had dozens of tentacles, and even having a few cut off didn’t matter to it. Not only would it not affect its combat strength, but those severed tentacles would even regenerate.

Besieged from all sides, the yellow-clothed youth was suddenly in danger.

In comparison, only a random tentacle occasionally attacked Lin Ming. Lin Ming would never use his spear to block it, only avoiding it with his movement technique.

“This damn fellow!”

The yellow-clothed youth felt as if he had been tricked again.

‘You want to make a fool of this father? No way! This father will not play with you!’

The tentacle monster’s main body was moving very slowly. As long as the yellow-clothed youth was able to distance himself from its attack range, he would win the bet anyways. It simply wasn’t worth entangling himself within all these weird tentacles.

Thinking this, the yellow-clothed youth turned around to run, but at this moment, he heard a true essence sound transmission in his ears, “Sorry, but it doesn’t seem you’ll be able to run. There’s a dreamland enchantment placed outside…”

“Mm? What!?”

The yellow-clothed youth was startled. He didn’t even have time to react when he felt a pain in his head; he had run into an invisible light screen!

Hold on, what was this!?

In a split-second, the yellow-clothed youth didn’t even time to think before several tentacles sliced towards him from behind.


With an explosive sound, the yellow-clothed youth barely managed to avoid the strike as the tentacles pounded against the dreamland enchantment, causing the entire enchantment to shake. Lin Ming let out a cold breath, this was a truly strong attack!

The attack from a few tentacles had already caused the dreamland enchantment to vibrate so greatly. If that Sludge Monster smashed into it with all its strength, the dreamland enchantment might even rip apart!

Although Mu Qianyu had said that the dreamland enchantment could stop any attack from a martial artist below the Xiantian realm, the Sludge Monster was not a martial artist. Its attack power was much stronger than that of a martial artist of the same level.

The yellow-clothed youth’s complexion completely changed, dreamland enchantment!?

How could a Sludge Monster release a dreamland enchantment!?!? He naturally assumed that the one who laid down the dreamland enchantment was the Sludge Monster; he never thought that the one to do so was Lin Ming. In his opinion, Lin Ming didn’t have the ability to lay down such a strong dreamland enchantment. Even if he had this ability, he still wouldn’t close himself into it with the Sludge Monster.

“What do I do?”

The yellow-clothed youth panicked. There was nowhere to retreat to, the Sludge Monster had already locked onto him!

At this moment, Lin Ming was taking advantage of the Sludge Beast being attracted to the yellow-clothed youth. He clenched a medium-grade true essence stone, recovering his power as fast as he could. The Heretical God Force was quickly recovering.


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