Chapter 330 - Fight

Chapter 330 Fight.


Chapter 330 – Fight

Seeing this, the yellow-clothed youth’s heart burned with a raging anger!

Because of the tragedy of her sect being destroyed, there hadn’t been times these days when Lan Yi smiled. Even though he flattered and pleased her in every way possible, taking meticulous care of her, the white-clothed girl rarely responded. In the first two days, she hadn’t even spoken more than a few words, only having a heartbroken expression.

But now, she was actually smiling so brightly, and also towards another youth who was around her age.

How could the yellow-clothed youth possibly bear this?

He had endured so much suffering and hardship on the way, exhausting himself to take care of her, only to have a few words uttered towards him. And yet this smelly little boy sweet talked her for a little bit and the white-clothed girl was already smiling so happily!

The yellow-clothed youth’s lungs exploded with rage.

He never imagined that it was Lan Yi who looked for Lin Ming of her own initiative; he only thought that Lin Ming was cozying up to Lan Yi with his sweet nothings.

Although there hadn’t been much progress in their relationship, the yellow-clothed youth already considered the white-clothed girl as his exclusive woman. This wasn’t just from the tragic story of a man’s 20 plus years of life, or from the fact...

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