Chapter 329 - The Feeling of Being Ignored

Chapter 329 The Feeling of Being Ignored.


Chapter 329 – The Feeling of Being Ignored

Hearing Zhu Ping’s words that were dripping with irony, Lin Wanshan’s complexion became extremely unsightly. “Zhu Ping, what are you trying to say? Didn’t Lin Ming go out to fight the enemy?”

“I didn’t say that. I’m only saying what I know. From the very start, he ran into the pack of beasts, and now there isn’t even his shadow. If it wasn’t for that yellow-clothed knight, our army might have already been broken through.”

As Zhu Ping spoke here, he glanced at Shi Linkai with open contempt. Originally, Shi Linkai had wanted to throw the yellow-clothed youth, and matters had almost boiled down to a fight. As for Zhu Ping, he was very respectful and managed to have the yellow-clothed youth stay in Green Mulberry City. If it wasn’t for his actions, who knows what would have happened in today’s battle.

Shi Linkai was just retreating from the battlefield to take a rest when he caught wind of Zhu Ping’s words. His face turned red as he said, “Surname Zhu, what are you trying to say!?”

“What? Clan Leader Shi thinks differently? If you fought with that yellow-clothed knight, do you think you could have won?”

Shi Linkai paused, he didn’t have anything he could say. If he really did fight with that yellow-clothed youth,...

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