Chapter 327 - You Cannot Stop Me

Chapter 327 You Cannot Stop Me.


Chapter 327 – You Cannot Stop Me


Brutal and manic power of thunder scattered out.

A two inch long simple steel needle. There was a textured image of a Purple Flood Dragon carved onto the surface, twining around the needle a total of nine times.

Because the coiling dragon steel needle was in a completely static state, the power of thunder was fully restrained within it. The old man had plenty of time to observe the energy structure of the steel needle, and his perception wasn’t bounced back either.

As he felt the power of thunder that was compressed to such a terrifying degree, the old man’s lips began to fiercely twitch.

“This… this is…”

The old man had never personally seen a Thunder Soul before, but as a Mirage Faction disciple, he knew that the enemy that was best suited to suppress them were thunder-attribute martial artists. The power of thunder was able to dispel illusions, ghosts, and evil powers. This was something that the old man had learned from reading many ancient texts.

This steel needle in front of him didn’t send out even the slightest bit of power of thunder at the moment. It was endless, and all of the threads of thunder seemed to contain a consciousness; it was alive.

Consciousness… awareness… thunder with life, endless; this was the symbol...

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