Chapter 326 - Assassin

Chapter 326 Assassin.


Chapter 326 – Assassin

With Lin Ming’s strength, rushing full speed into the groups of vicious beast was no different to a saber slicing into soft silk, matchless and unstoppable. In an instant, he had broken more than ten miles deep. There, he was close to the edge of the vicious beast horde.

The blurry shadow that followed behind Lin Ming was suspicious, ‘Why is he in so deep? Did he discover me?’

This blurry shadow had thought that Lin Ming was galvanized by the killing speed of the yellow-clothed youth, and didn’t have the face to stay near his side, thus he had rushed into the beast tide. But in a single breath, he rushed all the way to the edge of the beast horde – he was just too deep.

‘This boy, is he trying to force me out?’ The shadow’s complexion sank as he thought this.

‘He doesn’t know how deep my strength is and yet dares to lead me out? He wants to turn the tables and kill me? This boy is truly confident to the point of being arrogant, does he think he is invincible under the heavens!?’

This blurry shadow didn’t have full assurance that he would be able to assassinate Lin Ming. After all, Lin Ming was a heaven defying talent that even Divine Phoenix Island was concerned about. Before,...

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