Chapter 325 - Beast Tide’s Night Attack

Chapter 325 Beast Tide’s Night Attack.


Chapter 325 – Beast Tide’s Night Attack

The white-clothed girl had originally intended to travel to White Peak Sect. The White Peak Sect had a very good relationship with the Moon Seizing Sect, she believed she would be able to take refuge there.

However, the yellow-clothed youth didn’t want that to happen. Once the white-clothed girl entered White Peak Sect, she would inevitably become a genius of the White Peak Sect. As for him, he would still remain a nobody. When that happened, where would he have another chance to obtain this white-clothed girl?

Therefore he had hinted to her that the White Peak Sect would covet their cultivation methods, legacies, inheritances, pills, resources, and had also listed out various possible dangers that could befall her. Finally, his suggestions began to slowly sway the white-clothed girl. In conclusion, the white-clothed girl was only 18 years old. To suddenly suffer such a sudden blow to her psyche, it was inevitable that she would be confused and muddled for a while.

So the yellow-clothed youth had flown through the Southern Wilderness with the white-clothed girl and had finally arrived at Green Mulberry City. He was quite satisfied with the size of Green Mulberry City, and was planning...

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