Chapter 324 - The Girl in White

Chapter 324 The Girl in White.


Chapter 324 – The Girl in White

Chi! Chi!

The two sword energies shot out from right and left at extremely tricky angles. Although they were only casual strikes, they were still strikes that came from a sect-based Houtian master. If a normal middle Pulse Condensation martial artist was struck by these two sword energies, they would be severely injured.

The yellow-clothed man thought to establish his reputation to avoid future troubles. And the best way to establish that reputation was naturally to slap down Green Mulberry City’s current number one master, Lin Ming.

“You don’t even make sense!”

Lin Ming coldly snorted. He had been dragged into this mess for no reason and this random man had actually attacked him out of the blue. Obviously, there was something wrong with his mind.

Azure light flashed, and Lin Ming punched out twice, meeting these two sword finger energies with his fists.

Bang! Bang!

With the sound of an explosion, the two sword energies were broken apart. Lin Ming hadn’t even been touched, nor had he taken a single step back.

“Oh?” The yellow-clothed youth’s eyebrows slanted up. “A little boy at the Pulse Condensation period can actually block my sword finger attack? You’re quite a character aren‘t you? Hehe, how about if I use 30% of my strength!”

The yellow-clothed character was about to strike out once again, but then he saw that the white-clothed girl was waving her hand at him, interrupting him. “Senior-apprentice Brother, stop it. Don’t try to oppress other people with your power like this.”

The yellow-clothed youth’s cultivation was at the early Houtian realm, but Lin Ming was actually only at the middle Pulse Condensation period. This sort of fight was originally unfair; the yellow-clothed man was simply using his age and cultivation to suppress others. In the opinion of geniuses, even if the yellow-clothed youth won, it still wouldn’t be a victory.

The yellow-clothed was a bit unhappy being stopped by the white-clothed girl, but he still understood the meaning behind her words and went along with her request, “Since Junior-apprentice Sister says so, I’ll forget it. You, boy, today is your lucky day.”

“Oh? I’m lucky?” Lin Ming thought this was hilarious. In that brief tussle a moment ago, that yellow-clothed youth really did only use a small portion of his strength, but Lin Ming had an extremely keen perception, and he was able to feel that the purity of the yellow-clothed youth’s true essence. He thought that this yellow-clothed youth might be a core disciple, but now it seemed more likely that he was the a high ranking inner court disciple.

An inner court disciple was simply nothing. Currently, Qin Xingxuan was already an inner court disciple, and once her talent blossomed in the future, she would most likely become a core disciple.

“What, you aren’t convinced?” The yellow-clothed youth’s eyebrows picked up, “Since my Junior-apprentice Sister has spoken of compassion, today I will not bully the young. If you aren’t convinced, there is a simple solution. When the beast tide attacks tomorrow, you and I will both go out, and we’ll see just who kills the most. How about it?”

Lin Ming hadn’t even spoken when Shi Linkai angrily shouted, “What dog fart nonsense! Like this father needs your help! My Green Mulberry City…”

Shi Linkai had finished, his voice still full of indignant anger, when a loud voice suddenly interrupted him, “Clan Leader Shi, please take note of the current situation and consider the greater good. Green Mulberry City’s decisions will be determined by Green Mulberry City’s people.”

Shi Linkai turned to look, and saw that the person speaking was the garrison army commander, Zhu Ping. He was wearing a military uniform, and seemed to be emitting a little aura of irritation.  

Shi Linkai’s heart began to blaze with fury. Only Green Mulberry City’s people can determine Green Mulberry City’s decisions? Were the Salt Clan not people from Green Mulberry City? His brothers had died in order to protect this city, and yet they actually had such a foul reputation?

Shi Linkai’s fury was about to spill over and cause an irreversible scene when at that moment, Lin Ming sent him a true essence sound transmission, “Clan Leader Shi, don’t bother with this trivial matter, stop here for now.”

Before luring out the chess piece that Ouyang Boyan had lain down, Lin Ming didn’t want to stir up a needless fight, thus exposing his own strength.

Lin Ming was a hero that Shi Linkai held a great deal of admiration towards. Shi Linkai had no choice but to back down, icily coughing as he stopped speaking.

Zhu Ping turned a smile on the yellow-clothed youth and said, “I will immediately empty the best mansion in Green Mulberry City, change the bedding and furniture, and have several well trained maids brought over. Two masters, please rest freely.

Zhu Ping bowed as he spoke. Such a welcome that was in agreement with all the specifications seemed like a deliberate attempt to nauseate Lin Ming.

Lin Ming lived in the army compound, ate with the soldiers and lived with the soldiers. Yet Zhu Ping had actually set aside a special residence for these two people.

In this regard, Lin Ming didn’t mind. Some people were like this. If you treated them kindly, that person might not take you seriously. But if you pushed their face into the ground and slapped them around, they would think of you as a true character that couldn’t be offended, and treat you carefully and respectfully.

This kind of person could only be described as shallow and cheap.

Of course, the difference with which Zhu Ping treated Lin Ming and the yellow-clothed youth was also because of hatred and other factors.

Zhu Ping was very glad to see that the yellow-clothed youth and Lin Ming seemed hostile to each other. If these two could fight, and Lin Ming receive a severe injury in the process, killing him would be much easier.

“Hmph, I can tell you’re a sensible one. Hurry up and prepare. Remember to prepare several buckets of spring bath water, and incense to clear the smell. My Junior-sister does not like to live in places like this army compound. Rest assured, once the beast tide comes, I’ll be able to arrive in just a few breaths of time.” As the yellow-clothed youth spoke, he glanced at Lin Ming, an unforgiving expression etched on his face. As for his strike being resisted a moment ago, he naturally wasn’t comfortable with this. It was just that he didn’t want to go against the wishes of the white-clothed girl.

The yellow-clothed youth and his junior-apprentice sister were truly disciples from the Moon Seizing Sect. The Moon Seizing Sect had been destroyed six days go, and over 90% of the disciples had died. Of the Xiantian masters, all of them had perished.

Luckily, the two of them had managed to escape. They had been traveling under the barest conditions, spending most of their time in the jungles of the Southern Wilderness. They lived outdoors, ate wild fruits and dried rations, and didn’t even have the chance to change clothes. For the white-clothed girl who was used to remaining clean, this was very difficult to endure.

The yellow-clothed youth had seized the opportunity to drop the white-clothed girl in this big mortal city, and rest for a few days.

The truth was, he also had his own reason for doing so. This white-clothed girl was actually one of direct disciples of the Moon Seizing Sect. If she was able to escape this time, that meant there must definitely be many treasures on her body. Her own master had died beside her, how could she not have given her disciple everything?

Earth-steps treasures, rare jade slips, and most important of all… Heaven Opening Pills!

The yellow-clothed youth estimated that this white-clothed girl might have five or six Heaven Opening Pills on her!

Although the Moon Seizing Sect was one of the lowest ranked within the 19 third-grade sects, they had still managed to accumulate several dozens of Heaven Opening Pills. Since the white-clothed girl was one of the top ranked direct disciples in the sect, there was a high possibility she would have many Heaven Opening Pills on her!

Besides the Heaven Opening Pill, the yellow-clothed youth was faintly aware that within the Moon Seizing Sect, there also existed a top-ranked extremely valuable medicine. This medicine’s value was far beyond that of a Heaven Opening Pill, and it was said to be related to the former master of the South Sea Demon Region… the master of Silent Demon Emperor City.

Although the Moon Seizing Sect had been on the decline for a long time, it still had a very long and storied sect history, filled with glory and tribulations. 2000 years ago, the Moon Seizing Sect was a top third-grade sect, and its strength surpassed even Peacock Mountain.

At that time, the Moon Seizing Sect had joined forces with the entire South Horizon Region to lay siege to Silent Demon Emperor City. Obtaining such extremely rare and top grade medicine from this siege wouldn’t be unusual.

Silent Demon Emperor City used to be a Holy Land rank sect, and the Netherworld Great Emperor was a top figure of the entire Skill Spill Continent. From an existence like that, whatever came from their hand – even if it were a chamber pot – would be a rare and precious artifact that countless small sects would crazily fight over.

The precious medicine that existed within the Moon Seizing Sect was said to have a very high and impactful effect for Xiantian masters that were trying to break into the Revolving Core realm. As for what it specifically was, the yellow-clothed youth had only ever heard some vague rumors. It had been so many years since then, so it might all be gone.

Of course, the yellow-clothed youth didn’t expect that the white-clothed girl would have such a precious medicine on her body. Even if she did, he wouldn’t be able to swallow a medicine of that level.

His heart’s true desire lay in the Heaven Opening Pills. With his talent, it would not be easy to reach the Xiantian realm. But if he had enough Heaven Opening Pills, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Who didn’t wish to reach the Xiantian realm?

If the white-clothed girl was not an angelic beauty and didn’t have countless life-saving measures, this yellow-clothed youth would have already directly snatched it from her body.

The yellow-clothed youth had originally been an inner court disciple of the Moon Seizing Sect, and the disparity between his status and the white-clothed girl’s status was immense. In normal times, if these two people met, the yellow-clothed youth would have had to be extremely respectful to her. However, in his heart, he had many unnatural and perverted ambitions towards the white-clothed girl. It wasn’t just him, but many of the other male disciples of the Moon Seizing Sect had once dreamed of marrying this white-clothed girl. Once they did, they would be able to obtain extra resources and have the backing of such a beautiful lady. Wouldn’t that simply be perfection?

Of course, the yellow-clothed youth had only ever thought that – it was simply impossible for it to happen.

In particular, just a month ago the white-clothed girl had been chosen as one of the geniuses in the training program carried out by Divine Phoenix Island. She had been one of the 50 human-step talents that were selected.

The Moon Seizing Sect had originally been one of the lowest 19 third-grade sects. When the joint talent training program had first been announced at the Seven Profound Valleys, no one from the Moon Seizing Sect was included in the 20 invited elites. Afterwards, the total joint talent training program had over 100 individuals, and the Moon Seizing Sect merely had a pitiful two disciples chosen.

One was a male disciple, and the other was this white-clothed girl.

Therefore, that male disciple and the white-clothed girl had become the dragon and phoenix pairing of the Moon Seizing Sect. In these circumstances, anyone that had improper thoughts of the white-clothed girl were the same as toads trying to eat swan meat.

The yellow-clothed youth had burned with jealousy. He wished he could kill that lucky fool of a male disciple, take his place, and then obtain the white-clothed girl. He wanted to tear apart her impassionate shell and mercilessly ravage her.

This was probably a common dark and frustrated thought that many of the inner court male disciples in the sect had.

And then, tragedy had befallen the Moon Seizing Sect, and that too-lucky male disciple had actually died. Just this point had caused the yellow-clothed youth to feel immeasurably happy.

The yellow-clothed youth felt as if he were in a dream he didn’t want to wake from. As he was fleeing, he met the white-clothed girl who was riding away on a golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle.

This was simply the heavens themselves helping him.

Because the white-clothed girl had lost her master and lost her sect, she must be in immeasurable pain and inner turmoil. For the yellow-clothed youth, this was a golden chance to seize her heart and everything else.

Therefore, for these past days, the yellow-clothed youth had been using all of the experience and knowledge he had of flirting with girls to take advantage of the white-clothed girl’s vulnerable state of mind, and leave a favorable impression and goodwill on her.

If there was any disciple within the Moon Seizing Sect that wanted to thank the South Sea Demon Region even after they destroyed their sect, then it would probably only be this yellow-clothed youth.


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