Chapter 323 - Uninvited Guest

Chapter 323 Uninvited Guest.


Chapter 323 – Uninvited Guest

That night when Lin Ming went out, all of the soldiers who saw him would spontaneously stop and salute in respect.

Military men respected the strong. Because of Lin Ming’s actions during the battle earlier, their damages had been greatly reduced.

“Young Hero Lin!”

A man wearing a wolf pelt walked up, a happy smile on his face. This man was the Salt Clan’s Clan Leader, Shi Linkai.

“Clan Leader Shi.” Lin Ming had a favorable impression of this man. During the assault of the Corrupt Wolves, this man had followed closely behind him, fighting boldly and bravely. Except for Lin Ming himself, Shi Linkai had killed the most.

“Young Hero Lin is too kind, it’s fine if you call me Old Shi.”

“What are the casualties in the army like?” Lin Ming was very concerned about the current state of the army. Without an army, it was impossible to block the beast tide; it was impossible for Lin Ming alone to stop a giant flood of vicious beasts no matter how strong he was. If they passed him, the beasts would be able to dash into Green Mulberry City. Green Mulberry City had 50 feet high city walls, but a high level vicious beast would be able to scale them in just a few hops.


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