Chapter 322 - Beheading the Python

Chapter 322 Beheading the Python.


Chapter 322 – Beheading the Python

The Scarlet Flood Python was over 200 feet long, and its writhing body was thicker than a century-old tree. Every red scale of its body was larger than a soldier’s tower shield, and its sharp fangs were like spears. When it opened its mouth, it was wide enough to swallow an elephant.

This python monster was only the weakest of the fourth-level vicious beasts. Still, its strength was equal to a middle Houtian realm martial artist. Within the entire Sky Fortune Kingdom – if one didn’t include the masters of the Seven Profound Martial House – it would be difficult for anyone to defeat this beast.

It had to be known that even the State Marshal Qin Xiao and the magnificent Mister Muyi had a cultivation at the middle Houtian realm. But as for Green Mulberry City, there were no Houtian masters stationed there.

“Lin Ming, be careful!” Lin Wanshan screamed from behind, as he watched Lin Ming rush in.

“Young Hero Lin, that is a fourth-level vicious beast! Wait for us brothers to come over and we will fight together with Young Hero Lin!” Shi Linkai was far away, but he immediately began to slash his way towards Lin Ming. If this python monster managed to reach the army, it would be able to sweep away the entire tower shield defensive...

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