Chapter 320 - Sweeping Away All

Chapter 320 Sweeping Away All.


Chapter 320 – Sweeping Away All

Third-level vicious beasts could also be divided into the strong and the weak. The strength of third-level vicious beasts could range from the late Bone Forging state to the peak Pulse Condensation period.

The blue-eyed falcon beast that was cut down by Shi Linkai’s saber had been the weakest of the third-level vicious beasts, and its strength was only equal to an early Pulse Condensation period martial artist.

Over a dozen third-level vicious beasts shot towards the Salt Clan masters together. The six Pulse Condensation martial artists of the Salt Clan were immediately overwhelmed.

“Go die!”

The Salt Clan’s second-in-command drew out a thick saber, slashing down hard on a winged wolf. But the attack was only a slash; the body of the winged wolf was as hard as diamond. It wasn’t seriously injured at all.

In a split-second, the tables had turned and the masters of the Salt Clan were surrounded by danger. But Lin Ming’s eyes brightened. He had naturally chosen to kill these high-level vicious beasts, but was worried that they would be too scattered in the air, and it would be difficult to kill them. He hadn’t expected that Shi Linkai would manage to attract their attention, causing these third-level vicious beasts to gather together. This was the perfect opportunity to wipe them all out.

“First Spear Team, support them!” Although Zhu Ping hoped very much that these fellows who ruined the taxes of Green Mulberry City every year would die, at this time, he had to rely on them to defend the city.

The Salt Clan masters had originally been with the javelin throwers and the archers, but now the archers had retreated, their spot was filled by a more dense, spear wielding military group. Such a change was not easy. The garrison army of Green Mulberry City wasn’t an elite unit, so their formations and movements were a bit messy.


A Blood Crow howled. Its strength was equal to a late Pulse Condensation period martial artist, and it wanted to directly tear a hole through the layers of troops. However, just as it picked up some spear wielding soldiers and was about to fly back into the sky, hundreds and thousands of azure light beams shot forwards.

These azure light beams converged on a single target, sinking directly into the Blood Crow’s body.


With a muffled sound, the Blood Crow trembled, and then blood spurted out from its head. It tumbled down from the sky, but because it was too fast and the inertia from falling a hundred feet was too great, a pile of soldiers on the ground were knocked away. The other soldiers lifted their spears to stab the vicious beast, but found that both of the Blood Crow’s eyes had already exploded, and chunks of internal organs were spewing forth from its beak. It was long dead.

The truth was, in that moment when the azure true essence had struck it, its internal organs had all been instantly torn apart by the power of vibration.

“It’s… it’s dead?”

The soldiers couldn’t even react before they heard sharp whistling sounds in the air. Multiple beams of azure true essence shot forth.

Every true essence ray would unerringly strike their target, sinking into a third-level beast’s body. A moment ago, these vicious beasts had been savage killing monsters. But after they were struck by an azure light ray of true essence, they tumbled down like broken kites, their entire bodies twitching and bleeding from every hole, dead beyond dead.

In just a few breaths of time, 11 of the 13 third-level vicious beasts had died, and the two leftover weren’t in great shape either. The survivors turned around to fly away. Naturally, Lin Ming wouldn’t give them any hope of leaving alive. He flicked his fingers and two rays of azure true essence ran them down. With two light sounds, the two vicious beasts in the air fell to the earth.

Finally, after the two vicious beasts smashed the ground, they had become puddles of crushed meat. One fell into the group of Salt Clan masters, and the other fell within a phalanx of long spear soldiers.

As the people looked at these two third-level beasts that had died such a pitifully horrific death, almost no one could believe it.

They all died… like this?

From start to finish, Lin Ming hadn’t even used his spear. He merely flicked out ray after ray of strange azure light beams, and every strange light beam would instantly kill a third-level vicious beast in a simple and ruthless fashion.

“Ka! Ka!”

After the third-level vicious beasts were instantly killed, the first-level and second-level vicious cried out in alarm, then turned around and began to fly away.

“Block them!”

Lin Ming’s eyes narrowed. These vicious beasts were only the vanguard. Once the vicious beasts on land made their way here, the true war would begin. At that time, when these flying beasts returned, it would cause a great deal of trouble. Now that they were defeated and retreating, it was best to kill as many as possible.

After Lin Ming’s awe-inspiring performance, his words had unwittingly become like a military order to the soldiers. All of the javelin throwers and archers were stunned for a moment, and then immediately reacted, firing as fast as they could.

Lin Ming also began to flick out more rays of vibrating azure true essence, aiming towards the strongest second-level vicious beasts. As for the first-level vicious beasts, he basically ignored them.

The rays of vibrating azure true essence were Lin Ming’s most effortless attack method. Before the real battle began, Lin Ming wanted to save up every bit of energy he could; every attack he sent out contained just the right amount of force to be lethal. He was well aware that in a protracted battle, he had to conserve his strength.

Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff!

All sorts of dangerous flying vicious beasts began to fall down from the sky, blood showering forth like rain, and bits of meat flying everywhere. Of the several hundred flying vicious beasts that had come, only a few dozen had managed to escape.

As the man in the bamboo hat saw dozens of flying vicious beats fall from the air because of Lin Ming, and the rest also fleeing, he gulped, his voice trembling as he said, “Boss… you… what you said was right. Even if you add Second Big Brother and Third Big Brother together, you aren’t a match for that boy. Is… is he really a middle Pulse Condensation martial artist?”

Shi Linkai’s throat twitched, and he ruefully smiled. Let alone three of them, even a dozen of them together wouldn’t be able to do anything. As long as those azure beams of light came towards them, they would die without a doubt!

What was that azure true essence attack?

They were all Pulse Condensation period martial artists right? How could the gap between them be so great?

While Shi Linkai was in wonder of Lin Ming’s power, he actually hadn’t noticed that behind him, just near the long long spear soldiers, there was a black-clothed middle-aged man staring at Lin Ming with gloom in his eyes, the corners of his mouth twitching.

“He doesn’t even need his spear to reach this level? Ah, this makes things so much trickier…”

The flying vicious beasts had just retreated. Everyone hadn’t even had time to catch their breath, when suddenly horrifying roars and hisses sounded out in the distance.



The land-borne vicious beasts had finally attacked! This was a true battle; there were several times more vicious beasts on land than the vicious beasts flying in the air!

Rumble rumble rumble!

The stampeding vicious beasts were just like billowing thunder. Tens of thousands of vicious beasts rampaged forwards, wild and savage. This scene was both terrifying and spectacular, the whole earth trembled!

The vicious beasts that were at the front were packs of Corrupt Wolves. A Corrupt Wolf was a second-level vicious beast, and its strength was equal to an Altering Muscle stage martial artist. They were similar to rabid dogs as they rushed forwards, their tongues out, white fangs exposed, green eyes filled with a crazy killing and bloodthirsty intent. These were vicious beasts that desired to tear into the bodies of their enemies!

A Corrupt Wolf was a vicious beast that only existed in the Southern Wilderness. After Lin Ming had left the Sorcerer Holy Land, he seen that two Corrupt Wolves had almost taken the Na Sisters’ lives. They ate the corpses of dead creatures all year long, and their claws were steeped in corpse poison. After being caught by one, it was very easy to die from the following poison.

This poison had an antidote. But in the middle of life and death fighting, who had the time to apply an antidote?

“Che! This is really troublesome!”

“Shield soldiers in the front, protect the long spear soldiers!” With this order, the soldiers wearing 100 jin heavy armor picked up giant tower shields, lifting them high and forming a barrier. The long spear soldiers fitted into the gaps of the shield soldiers, thrusting out their spears through the gaps of the tower shields.

Suddenly, the entire formation of soldiers became a charging line of defense with a forest of spears. The momentum of this charge was no weaker than the tens of thousands of vicious beasts!

This was the power of an army. No matter how strong Lin Ming was, it was impossible for a lone person to block the entire beast tide from reaching Green Mulberry City. But, if 10,000 soldiers created a great wall forged of flesh and steel, it was possible!

“Awoo! Awoo! Awooo! Ao! Ao! Awoo!”

As the Corrupt Wolves rushed halfway, they began to scream one at a time, stumbling to the ground. They were buried by the beasts behind them that were running at full speed. As a Corrupt Wolf fell to the ground, it was easy for it to cause other Corrupt Wolves to also stumble. As a result, a massive number of Corrupt Wolves were trampled to death within the raging stampede!

Because of time constraints, the garrison army of Green Mulberry City hadn’t been able to ready too many animal traps. After several thousands of Corrupt Wolves died, the rest finally reached the front line of the army.

“Release the sharp wood formation!”

With a shout from a messenger, rows of sharpened logs were pulled up from the ground at slanted angles, their sharp tips pointed towards the Corrupt Wolves.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Many of the Corrupt Wolves could not dodge. They directly ran into the sharpened wooden logs. As they were rushing forwards at such a high speed, the sharpened logs pierced through their entire body from head to tail, instantly kill them.

Peng peng peng!

After the sharpened logs was the last line of defense. A massive number of Corrupt Wolves slammed onto heavy shields, and some soldiers that could not withstand the impact were sent flying backwards.

“Spear formation!”

1000 long spear soldiers thrust forth their spears from between the slits of the tower shields, stabbing into the soft bellies of the Corrupt Wolves, blood splattering everywhere, organs bursting out.

Although the soldiers were individually weaker than the Corrupt Wolves by far, with the coordination of a battle formation and equipment, they could display a total strength that was far more formidable than their individual strength.

Lin Ming shook his spear and rushed out of the army camp. Closely following behind him were the masters of the Salt Clan. The other masters of the prominent families didn’t back down. Even the heads of major families like Lin Wanshan and Zhuang Fan were in the lead.

In this moment of life or death, no one dared to hold back anything.

Shi Linkai rushed forwards, his five foot long saber cutting forth in an epic manner. With every saber slice, large volumes of blood would spray into the air.

Shi Linkai was most suited for this kind of rampaging killing spree, as his saber was meant to storm forwards, cutting away everything in its path. Coupled with his late Pulse Condensation cultivation, he was able to massacre the Altering Muscle stage Corrupt Wolves like they were chickens.

The other martial artists, including Lin Wanshan, Zhuang Fan, Lu Wuyin, and the rest, were slightly weaker, and their swords weren’t as good at fighting against large groups. But their killing speed still wasn’t slow. With every chop of their blades, a Corrupt Wolf would die.

Shi Linkai was filled with an addicting bloodlust. In just a dozen breaths of time, he had killed a dozen Corrupt Wolves! He killed an average of one Corrupt Wolf per breath of time!

A man and his saber, unstoppable!

Such killing speed could be called terrifying. But when Shi Linkai inadvertently glanced at Lin Ming, in that instant, he suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air.

Lin Ming waved his hand, and the spear in his grip shot forth like an arrow. Seven or eight Corrupt Wolves were pierced by his spear!


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