Chapter 319 - Brutal Melee

Chapter 319 Brutal Melee.


Chapter 319 – Brutal Melee

As Zhu Ping was planning on how to kill Lin Ming in the chaos of the battlefield, a flame suddenly lit in front of him; this was a sound transmitting talisman from a scout.

After hearing this sound transmission, Zhu Ping’s complexion changed.

“Army Command Zhu? What is it?” Zhao Yanming asked as he stood up.

“The beast tide has arrived. In less than half an hour it will reach Green Mulberry City.” Zhu Ping whispered, his voice harsh. The military had sent out a number of scouts to keep watch over the Green Mulberry Mountain Range. He had just received the news from one of these scouts through a series of sound transmitting talismans.

“So they’ve come…” Zhao Yanming’s lips twitched and he slumped back into his seat. He had always been holding out on his single, faint hope. But now, that fleeting hope had been shattered against the ground.

“How serious is the situation?” Zhuang Fan asked.

“They are sheltered under the forest’s cover, the scout wasn’t able to determine how many there were. The strongest among them are third-level beasts, probably equal to a Pulse Condensation martial artist.” As Zhu Ping spoke, he put on an iron helmet. The 10,000 troops of Green Mulberry City had already lined up in formation in the outskirts of Green Mulberry City. Half an hour of time...

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