Chapter 318 - The Beast Tide Comes

Chapter 318 The Beast Tide Comes.


Chapter 318 – The Beast Tide Comes

“Yours?” Zhao Yanming was stunned.

“Mm… a Senior gifted this mount to me.” To a Revolving Core master like Ancestor Chi Yan, a vicious beast mount that could reach the Xiantian realm naturally wasn’t anything too precious.

“Gifted…” Zhao Yanming gulped, unable to imagine what kind of character this senior of Lin Ming’s was. They could actually so casually gift away a tamed vicious beast with Xiantian potential like this?

Of the 36 countries and 16 martial families of the Seven Profound territory, only Grace Venerate Nation, the Zhang Family, and a few other forces had a Xiantian master; the other forces simply didn’t have the ability to cultivate one. If a country had a Xiantian master guarding them, they would sleep peacefully, never needing to worry that an enemy would invade. They would have the upper hand in any diplomatic negotiations. Basically, what they said was what would be done.

If a country offended them, a Xiantian master could simply take the head of their emperor!

Thus, a vicious beast with potential to reach the Xiantian realm as an adult had an incalculable value.

Yet this sort of all-powerful creature was actually gifted to Lin Ming…

Zhao Yanming didn’t know how to feel; he just stared with his mouth agape. Ultimately, he could only...

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