Chapter 317 - Returning Home

Chapter 317 Returning Home.


Chapter 317 – Returning Home

Gradually, the day began to brighten, and the morning mist was dispelled by the rising sun. On the towers above the city gates, two soldiers stood at attention. They hadn’t slept, but they still looked spirited, warily watching all directions.

It had been two days since the beast tide outbreak. If the vicious beasts from the depths of the Green Mulberry Mountains had left at that time, it was highly likely that they would begin to approach the outer edges of the Green Mulberry Mountains.

The city gates had just opened, and a crowd fled through them. Men carried dry food and belongings, and women carried crying children. There were richer families who rode away on carriages, big boxes tied to them. There were even some larger and richer families who had some troops accompanying them. They had hired some martial artists, but, if they truly met a beast tide on the way, these martial artists that they had employed for protection would drop like flies.

Those that fled from the incoming calamity only made up a small portion of Green Mulberry City. Fleeing from Green Mulberry City didn’t mean that it would be safe – it might even be more dangerous than staying in Green Mulberry City.

The guards of...

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