Chapter 316 - Beast Tide

Chapter 316 Beast Tide.


Chapter 316 – Beast Tide

Liu Yueshan looked at Lin Ming nervously. If he were to do such a thing, it was likely that he would be scolded and punished. Currently, danger and mayhem had erupted within the entire Seven Profound territory. He had heard rumors that some great Demonic Sect had risen up, and wanted to take over the entire Divine Phoenix Province. Right now, he was just a tiny relay station deacon. He didn’t even have the qualifications to use a long distance sound transmission array, much less request the Seven Profound Valleys to send men to help defend a small country.

“This… Sir…”

Lin Ming didn’t have time to listen to Liu Yueshan’s malingering complaints. He straightforwardly said, “You tell them that Lin Ming requests help.”

“Lin Ming?”

Liu Yueshan paused. So the direct disciple in front of him was Lin Ming. Although he hadn’t visited the sect for a long time, the great name of Lin Ming still resounded in his mind like thunder. A common martial artist of the 36 countries had actually become champion of the 36 countries; how could he not have heard such an exaggerated matter? He probably would have even if he were deaf.

Come to think of it, wasn’t Lin Ming from Sky Fortune Kingdom? No wonder he had this sort of request. According to Liu Yueshan’s information, Lin Ming had already become a heaven-step talent that Divine Phoenix Island was training. His status was naturally...

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