Chapter 315 - Sect Destruction

Chapter 315 Sect Destruction.

Chapter 315 – Sect Destruction

A Flame Essence was an amazingly powerful natural force. In normal circumstances, when it was a highly potent medium-grade human-step Flame Essence, one would have to be a late Houtian master from a sect, or a peak Houtian master to absorb it. Not only that, but one would usually need the assistance of some rare treasure like the Glacial Ice Divine Spring.

But Lin Ming was currently relying entirely on his own powerful body and strength to forcibly tame this Flame Essence. His advantage was that his meridians were incomparably tough, but the burning pain still felt like he was being roasted from the inside out, spreading through his body like a tide. Lin Ming revolved his azure true essence to protect his meridians. The azure true essence was endless; even after being burned away by the flames, it would quickly regenerate.

With such support, Lin Ming began to stamp out the flames that rampaged through his meridians. Each time, the Flame Essence would weaken, but the Heretical God Seed would grow stronger.

Under this reversal, another quarter hour passed and Lin Ming was finally able to take complete control of the situation. Now, absorbing the Earthcore Crimson Flame was only a matter of time.

Chi chi chi!

The Heretical God Seed’s Flame Essence danced excitedly, greedily devouring all of the power of fire and constantly growing.

To a normal martial artist, a Flame...

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