Chapter 314.2 - Absorbing the Earthcore Crimson Flame

Chapter 314.2 – Absorbing the Earthcore Crimson Flame

Under the spiral tower, horrified screams sounded out one after another. Every scream was extremely short; it was clear that those who died were instantly killed. This was a completely one-sided massacre.

Slowly, the women in the spiral tower became numb to this.

The former rulers of the of Fire Worm Tribe were now nothing more than a messy pile of corpses. A moment later, a cell was opened, and a group of prisoners escaped. Their shackles were shattered, granting them the freedom they dreamed of for a long time. Slaves knelt to their feet, kissing the ground. The slave girls that had been tormented within the barracks cried upon each others’ shoulders in joy.

The confusion began to spread. Overnight, the three leaders of the Fire Worm Tribe had been killed, and all of the powerful characters of the Fire Worm Clan were slain. The slaves and prisoners rose up from their chains in a mass revolt, killing their way to the palace!

In this chaos, Lin Ming was like a ghost as he flew from Fire Worm City, arriving at the residence of the Na Sisters at Fog Valley Tribe. His entire body was bathed red in blood and filled with a murderous aura; he was like a monster that had crawled from the depths of the Ashura Hell.

Fog Valley Tribe hadn’t yet obtained...

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