Chapter 313 - Exterminating Chi Yue

Chapter 313 Exterminating Chi Yue.


Chapter 313 – Exterminating Chi Yue

On the highest floor of the spiral tower, the candle flames flickered in the night wind, and the shadows of those within disappeared, becoming small and miniscule.

Shaman Leader Chi Yue had an indifferent expression, his hand slowly tracing the side of his staff. His staff jittered, and the skulls hanging from the top began to rattle against each other.

The newly assigned Fire Worm Great General took out the heavy sword from his back, his face calm. He was a man who had struggled and killed his way up the ranks of the army on his own merits and strength, a truly vicious military man. He had been through countless slaughters and battlefields, and had also experienced the bitter taste of attempted assassinations multiple times. Now, facing this unexpected visitor, it was impossible for his heart to feel even the slightest arousal of fear.

The night wind howled, and a black shadow appeared like a desolate ghost on the ledge of the stone window. He held a purple spear in his hand, his eyes cold, and his body overflowing with murderous intent.

“Mm? Early Pulse Condensation period?” The Fire Worm Great General smirked. An early Pulse Condensation boy actually dared to come to their...

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