Chapter 312 - Fire Worm Church Leader

Chapter 312 Fire Worm Church Leader.


Chapter 312 – Fire Worm Church Leader

“Benefactor, the Fire Worm Shaman’s cultivation is at least at the middle Houtian realm, he might even be at the late Houtian realm!” Na Yi tried to keep her calm, but her voice was still trembling. She knew how astonishing Lin Ming’s talent was, but she found it hard to imagine that Lin Ming’s strength would have progressed so much in just a few months.

Now, she didn’t have accurate information on just how strong the Fire Worm Shaman was. Much less how strong he was, the Fire Worm Shaman would undoubtedly be surrounded by countless masters. If Lin Ming wished to kill the Fire Worm Shaman in such a situation, he would have to have at least the strength of a peak Houtian master in order to dare to do such a thing.

Seeing that Lin Ming’s current cultivation was at most in the Pulse Condensation period, would his true strength actually manage to jump past almost two whole realms?

Na Yi found this unbelievable. Even if it was the Southern Wilderness’ Feather Emperor that was recorded down in the Faith of the Sorcerer’s ancient texts, his strength wouldn’t be so exaggerated at such a young age. In Na Yi’s heart, the Feather Emperor of the Southern Wilderness was only inferior to the Faith of the Sorcerer....

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