Chapter 311 - Return to the Southern Wilderness

Chapter 311 Return to the Southern Wilderness.

Chapter 311 – Return to the Southern Wilderness

“The spear! Let me have a look!” Ancestor Chi Yan grabbed the treasure spear from Lin Ming’s hand, closely inspecting it. The base of the spear shaft was a deep purple, it was the color of the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo. Around the spear shaft, there were also a countless number of thin red lines. This was the symbol of the fusion between the Sacred Flame Parasol Tree and the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo.

The spearhead was eight inches long, with an high ridge and thin blade, gleaming with a cold light. The spearhead was a fusion of the Purple Comet Divine Metal, the Vermillion Bird’s crystallized fire and Profound Thunder Stone. Not only was it incomparably keen and hard, it was very compatible with thunder and fire, suiting Lin Ming.

The entire spear, from tip to tail, was inscribed with the runes of an array formation. This array formation was for conducting true essence. The Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo and the Sacred Flame Parasol Tree were originally two top quality materials that could channel thunder and fire. Now, with the addition of the array formation, not only was it smooth and unimpeded. There would be an extremely increased degree of strength as well.

It could be said that this spear was tailor made for Lin Ming.

Ancestor Chi Yan caressed the long spear as if it were his most beloved. The grade of the treasure spear was exactly what he expected, a high-grade earth-step treasure. And it was amongst the highest of its level.

Normally, only when a heaven-step treasure was forged would it draw in heavenly tribulation. If a treasure could be tempered with heavenly tribulation, it would become much sharper and stronger.

The spear that Ancestor Chi Yan made didn’t qualify to be a heaven-step treasure. But, because it contained too many top quality thunder and fire materials and it was forged near the Primal Chaos Heavens, it was still able to direct the thunder and fire origin energy of the skies, creating a false heavenly tribulation.

Although it wasn’t a true heavenly tribulation, it still performed a role similar to tempering, taking the quality of this divine spear a step further.

Ancestor Chi Yan traced the spear for some time, and then he reluctantly parted from it, handing it back to Lin Ming. He said, “This spear is yours, you name it.”

Lin Ming took the spear and casually shook it. The entire spear shook with a deep inner power, enough to shatter the bones of an ordinary master.

Pouring a bit of true essence in it, thunder and fire suddenly twined around the entire spear, making violent popping noises that caused ones heart to race. If this terrifying strength was used with the Thunder Annihilation, the might of that strike would be difficult to imagine.

Lin Ming said, “Since this is forged from Purple Comet Divine Metal, I will name it the Purple Comet Divine Spear!”

Now that Lin Ming had obtained such a divine spear, he anxiously wanted to test just how powerful it was. He just had a great test subject in mind.

The Southern Wilderness’ Fire Worm Shaman.


Ten days later, Southern Wilderness’ 100,000 Mountain Range

The skies were clear and free, the sun shining brightly. Above the forest of the Southern Wilderness, with a sharp whistling, a flying beast with a wingspan of 60 feet was soaring through the endless skies. Its entire body was covered in scales, and it had a long body and tail just like a dragon.

Its wide wings formed a great shadow on the ground. Looking from afar, this flying beast looked like a Flood Dragon with two large wings.

This beast was called a Winged Flood Dragon, and it also had the bloodline of a Winged Rain Dragon Saint Beast. The Winged Rain Dragon was similar to a Flood Dragon, as both were dragon-type Saint Beasts. But, the Winged Rain Dragon had wings, thus its descendants could fly as well.

There was a youth standing on the back of the Winged Flood Dragon, clad in black with a purple spear in his hand, facing the billow wings. The youth was Lin Ming.

Ten days ago, Lin Ming had left Ancestor Chi Yan’s mountain range, and he had been gifted this Winged Flood Dragon so he could fly instead of walk. In terms of speed, the Winged Flood Dragon was far beyond what a Heavenly Wing Eagle could compare to. With a single spread of its wings, it could fly for tens of thousands of miles. It was a priceless mount.

Not only that, Ancestor Chi Yan personally used an array formation to conceal the brilliant radiance and true essence fluctuations on Lin Ming’s Purple Comet Divine Spear, so that if one looked at it, they would only think it was an extremely ordinary high-grade human-step treasure. Only someone whose cultivation surpassed Ancestor Chi Yan could see through it, otherwise it would be difficult to discern anything.

The Purple Comet Divine Spear was incomparably precious after all. With Lin Ming’s current strength, taking such a valuable weapon out in public was no different to suicide.

As of now there were only two people that knew that Lin Ming had the Purple Comet Divine Spear, Mu Qianyu and Ancestor Chi Yan.

Mu Qianyu was naturally trustworthy. Although Ancestor Chi Yan had a very violent and capricious personality, he still had certain codes of conduct he followed and he was a generally upright person. Also, he could be considered a good friend of Lin Ming’s, and wouldn’t betray him. Much less, he was also the one that personally forged the spear.

The Winged Flood Dragon flew with lightning speed. As Lin Ming stood on the dragon’s back, he could see the landscape underneath him rapidly changing, and he was unable to restrain a sigh. It had only been a few months, but now that he returned, his circumstances were completely different to what they once were.

In the past, he had been chased down and nearly killed by Huo Gong. He had risked his life to kill Huo Gong. Afterwards, he was also chased down and nearly killed by the Fire Worm Shaman. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had tremendously good luck and met the Vermillion Bird that was on its way to Thundercrash Mountain, who had startled the Shaman’s Flame Essence Avatar into hiding, he would have probably fallen to his doom in Blackwater Swamp. After that, he had entered Thundercrash Mountain, and he had barely escaped after risking his life.

It was like all these life and death situations were just yesterday. But now that he returned to the Southern Wilderness today, Lin Ming’s strength could no longer be compared to what it once was. There was no longer anyone in the Southern Wilderness that could threaten him.

Lin Ming’s first destination was Fog Valley Tribe.

Fog Valley Tribe was located in a deep mountain valley, and this valley would often fill with a noxious fog in the morning. This was where its name came from. It was a small tribe that was quite close to the Fire Worm Tribe, and it only had a population of four or five thousand people.

As Lin Ming flew near Fog Valley Tribe, he let the Winged Flood Dragon forage for its own food in the jungles of the Southern Wilderness. The Winged Flood Dragon had a bloodline purity equal to the Thunder Lizards of Thundercrash Mountain. Its current strength was comparably to a Houtian realm master. In the jungles of the Southern Wilderness, it had no rival, thus there was no need to worry about it.

Lin Ming jumped down from the back of the Flying Flood Dragon. In the 10,000 feet of air, he was just like a fish that was rapidly swimming through water. With a single wave of his sleeve, he was able to decelerate using the Concept of Wind, becoming as light as a feather and gently falling to the ground.

Lin Ming followed the path that he remembered and soon, he found a small house located in the corner of Fog Valley. The gravelled path was filled with blue stones and the thatched roof was bright with drops of rain. It had a very refreshing feeling.

In the red tiled courtyard, there was a young, pretty girl in a thick cotton dress. She carried a wooden basin. She was wringing out the clothes in it and hanging them to dry on a rope underneath the hot morning sun. Under the sunlight, the delicate girl’s tender forearm was like a lotus root, her fair skin glimmering.

This girl was a witch of the Na Tribe, Na Shui. When Lin Ming had gone to assassinate Chi Guda, he had given the sisters some gold and settled them in Fog Valley Tribe.

Before entering the Sorcerer Holy Land, Lin Ming had sworn that he would get revenge for the sisters. Lin Ming was a pure and righteous individual who didn’t make promises easily, he kept those he did make. Now, he came back to fulfill that promise.

“Big Brother Mo Lin?” As Na Shui saw Lin Ming come into the courtyard, she suddenly froze. Her eyes began to water, revealing a touch of surprise, disbelief, and joy.

“Where’s your older sister?” Lin Ming faintly smiled at Na Shui. Mo Lin was a pseudonym that he had once used in the Southern Wilderness.

“She’s in… In… ” Na Shui nodded energetically and then quickly laid down the wooden basin, running into the house as she shouted, “Big Sister! Big Brother Mo Lin is back!”

When Na Shui had first met Lin Ming, he had appeared as a savior in her eyes. Not only did he kill the two men that had kidnapped her and her big sister, after that, he had even killed the man who had murdered her parents. Afterwards, in the jungles of the Southern Wilderness, they had encountered hardships one after the other, but Lin Ming had overcome all of these. Because of this, Na Shui, who had just begun to become interested in the opposite sex, had never forgotten Lin Ming. He held a special place in her heart.

It was just a few blinks of the eye, and then, Na Yi appeared in the doorway. She wore a soiled apron, and her sleeves were pulled up. Her slender and delicate fingers were wet from washing vegetables and they still dripped with water. She was just like a slim and graceful treasure of a family.

When Na Yi saw Lin Ming, she was surprised. She was well aware of just how terrifying and extraordinary Lin Ming’s talent was, and also the difference between Lin Ming and their two sisters’ statuses. She thought that she would never see Lin Ming again in her lifetime, she never expected that he would actually come back.

“Benefactor.” Na Yi bowed, respectfully greeting Lin Ming. In contrast to the normally lively and innocent Na Shui, Na Yi had a calm temperament that completely didn’t suit her age. This had most likely originated from having experienced the sight of her mother’s half eaten corpse, and then sealing off her heart.

Hearing Na Yi call him a benefactor, Lin Ming felt a bit helpless. This title really made him feel uncomfortable. When he killed Chi Guda, he had taken vengeance for the sisters’ parents. He really could be considered a benefactor.

“Let’s go into the house, there are some questions I’d like to ask you.”

As the three walked into the house, the room was a bit dark. There was a basin full of just washed vegetables, and also a steaming hot stove on the other side.

“Has there been any activity in the Fire Worm Tribe these days?” Li Ming casually glanced around, feeling the simple life that these two sisters lived.

“There hasn’t been any.” Na Yu shook her head. Fog Valley Tribe was very close to the Fire Worm Tribe. If the Fire Worm Tribe had sent any troops to wage war against other tribes, she would naturally know.

“Since there isn’t anything happening, then all the masters of Fire Worm Tribe must be gathered in their lair. Mm… do you know where the Fire Worm Church is?”

“Where the Fire Worm Church is?”  Na Yi hesitate, her voice tinged with doubt, “I know, does Benefactor… ”

Lin Ming said, “When I went to the Sorcerer Pagoda, I made a promise to you that I would get vengeance for you sisters and kill Chi Guda and the Fire Worm Shaman. Now, Chi Guda is dead, and there is only the Fire Worm Shaman remaining. Not only does this person have enmity for killing your master, but I also have a deep blood feud with him. Also, I want to obtain the Fire Worm Tribe’s Sacred Flame for myself. These are the reasons that I came back to the Southern Wilderness to kill him.”

As Lin Ming spoke, Na Yi’s eyes were wide in shock. Na Shui also gasped, covering her mouth with her hands. Killing the Fire Worm Shaman? Taking the Fire Worm Tribe’s Sacred Flame for himself!?!?

The Fire Worm Shaman’s strength was at least at the middle Houtian realm. He had once easily killed their master. To the twin sisters, such a character was a top master in the entire Southern Wilderness. He was just like an insurmountable mountain. Even Na Yi who had a normally firm temperament, would feel a sense of suffocation and dread in killing such a character to take vengeance for her master. She was aware that in her entire life, she might never achieve the strength to do so.

But now, Lin Ming actually planned to go kill the Fire Worm Shaman?


He was only 16 years old!

When Lin Ming had killed Chi Guda, this act gave Na Yi an overwhelming sense of horror. There were some peerless talents that were recorded down in the ancient texts of the Faith of the Sorcerer that could accomplish this at 15 or 16 years of age. After Lin Ming had returned from the Divine Kingdom and killed Chi Guda, Na Yi was shocked. But she was still able to accept this. Now, he also wanted to kill the Fire Worm Shaman… this was simply unimaginable!

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