Chapter 309 - Child of Flame

Chapter 309 Child of Flame.


Chapter 309 – Child of Flame

“Only if what?” Lin Ming asked, puzzled.

“Mm… nothing, forget about it.” Mu Qianyu awkwardly said as she shook her head, “Let’s start.”

Mu Qianyu tried to switch topics, but Lin Ming could actually see a faint pink blush creeping up behind Mu Qianyu’s ears, causing him to be surprised. However, Mu Qianyu seemed to only reluctantly mention this so-called ‘what if’. It was best if he didn’t press her on the topic.

“This is a jade slip that contains the first layer of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’. First, look at the cultivation method and then I’ll help you get started. Afterwards you can officially begin practicing.”

Mu Qianyu took out a flame-colored jade slip from her spatial ring. Creating a cultivation method jade slip was a very difficult task. First, one had to reach the Large Success stage of the cultivation method and personally master and create it in order for it to work. The fact that Mu Qianyu could carry around a jade slip of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ and look through it at any time was naturally because of her status as a Saintess.

Lin Ming received the jade slip and extended his soul force into it. Suddenly, his heart stirred. This was an ancient manual that unified cultivation methods and martial skills. But the first secret skill...

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