Chapter 307 - Medicine Strength Washing Marrow

Chapter 307 Medicine Strength Washing Marrow.


Chapter 307 – Medicine Strength Washing Marrow


Although the Tempering Marrow boundary lay above the Pulse Condensation period, one didn’t actually need to slowly reach the peak Pulse Condensation period before making a breakthrough to Tempering Marrow. To the contrary, to reach the Tempering Marrow boundary, it didn’t matter whether one was at the early Pulse Condensation period or even the late Pulse Condensation period.

In other words, Tempering Marrow and Pulse Condensation were belonged to two completely different cultivation systems.

Tempering Marrow belonged to the Realm of the Gods’ Body Transformation cultivation method.

As for the Pulse Condensation, Houtian, Xiantian, and Revolving Core realms, those belonged to the essence gathering cultivation system.

When a martial artist went from Strength Training to Flesh Training to Viscera Training to Altering Muscle and finally to Bone Forging, the true essence of one’s body permeated deeper within, becoming more and more thorough. Afterwards, once true essence penetrated the marrow, that was Tempering Marrow.

Otherwise, true essence would flood through the body’s meridians – this was called the Pulse Condensation period.

After Pulse Condensation, true essence would converge within the dantian by following along the meridians, and one would enter Houtian, Xiantian. Then, when that true essence became a core within the dantian, that would be the Revolving...

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