Chapter 306 - Swallowing the Heaven Opening Pill

Chapter 306 Swallowing the Heaven Opening Pill.

Chapter 306 – Swallowing the Heaven Opening Pill

“Once every three years is not a problem!” Ancestor Chi Yan blurted out in excitement. He was just too hyped up at the moment. He had deduced the model in his mind, and it really would be viable!

“That’s great! And the second is about the distribution distances of the spiral runes.” As Lin Ming confidently spoke, Ancestor Chi Yan’s eyes became increasingly bright. Everything that Lin Ming said were matters that concerned ancient array formations. He didn’t imagine that not only would Lin Ming be able to notice the flaws in his array formation, but he would also be able to give him insights into possible solutions!

To find flaws and to give solutions to those flaws were two completely different concepts. For instance, there were some flaws that Ancestor Chi Yan could see, but couldn’t solve.

It was hard to imagine that a mere 16 year old child had already understood the incomparably challenging and difficult ancient array formations to such a degree!

“I also have to be careful of the angles and distance between the 36 spiral runes? Before now, I never thought that the connecting angles would actually have a subtle effect on the fire origin energy!” Ancestor Chi Yan eyes widened as if a great thought...

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