Chapter 303 - Come Back In 10 Years

Chapter 303 Come Back In 10 Years.


Chapter 303 – Come Back In 10 Years

In just one day, Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu had already flown tens of thousands of miles, stopping as they arrived at a transmission array formation which was built by Divine Phoenix Island.

A long distance transmission array was an extremely luxurious facility that required a massive amount of resources. Not only did there need to be experts stationed there to work it, but it also consumed a great deal of true essence stones.

“Lin Ming, you said that you wanted some fire-attribute material to craft the spear head?” Mu Qianyu was surprised, did Lin Ming have a rare dual-attribute body?

“Mm, yes.” Lin Ming vigorously nodded. He didn’t plan on hiding anything from Mu Qianyu, especially since after the Flame Essence within his body grew, his ability to handle fire would be exposed.

“You can also control fire?”

“A bit…” Lin Ming flicked a finger and a wisp of flame sprung up.

Seeing this, Mu Qianyu’s eyes flashed with a zealous light, and even her pitch rose a bit, “You have a double-attribute body!?”

“Yes.” Lin Ming braced himself as he acknowledged this. His double-attribute body naturally all depended on the Heretical God Force.

“If you can control fire, why didn’t you say so earlier!” Mu Qianyu admonished.

“…You didn’t ask me.” Lin Ming replied with a puppy-eyed innocent look. “Don’t you remember when we traded some barbecue...

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