Chapter 303 - Come Back In 10 Years

Chapter 303 Come Back In 10 Years.


Chapter 303 – Come Back In 10 Years

In just one day, Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu had already flown tens of thousands of miles, stopping as they arrived at a transmission array formation which was built by Divine Phoenix Island.

A long distance transmission array was an extremely luxurious facility that required a massive amount of resources. Not only did there need to be experts stationed there to work it, but it also consumed a great deal of true essence stones.

“Lin Ming, you said that you wanted some fire-attribute material to craft the spear head?” Mu Qianyu was surprised, did Lin Ming have a rare dual-attribute body?

“Mm, yes.” Lin Ming vigorously nodded. He didn’t plan on hiding anything from Mu Qianyu, especially since after the Flame Essence within his body grew, his ability to handle fire would be exposed.

“You can also control fire?”

“A bit…” Lin Ming flicked a finger and a wisp of flame sprung up.

Seeing this, Mu Qianyu’s eyes flashed with a zealous light, and even her pitch rose a bit, “You have a double-attribute body!?”

“Yes.” Lin Ming braced himself as he acknowledged this. His double-attribute body naturally all depended on the Heretical God Force.

“If you can control fire, why didn’t you say so earlier!” Mu Qianyu admonished.

“…You didn’t ask me.” Lin Ming replied with a puppy-eyed innocent look. “Don’t you remember when we traded some barbecue for one of Little Flame’s Vermilion Bird feathers? That was because I wanted to use it to enhance the fire in my body.”

As Lin Ming said this, Mu Qianyu did recall that Lin Ming had deceived Little Flame with some barbecue for a feather, and the unbridled happiness and smile that passed over his eyes in that moment, “Little Flame is just a baby. You were quite naughty Lin Ming.”

Lin Ming traced his nose, a bit embarrassed. He had to admit that the way he did it was quite evil, just like a strange uncle that tried to cheat a child with some candy.

“If you could control fire, then you should have told me earlier. My Divine Phoenix Island has two types of cultivation method manuals, one of which uses fire as the basis. That’s also the cultivation method that I study. I thought that Divine Phoenix Island’s cultivation methods didn’t suit you at the start,  but if I knew, I would have directly pulled you into Divine Phoenix Island the first time I met you.” Mu Qianyu shook her head as she said this. If that had happened, things would have been much simpler.

“I suppose I am considered half a Divine Phoenix Island disciple.” Even Lin Ming couldn’t clearly figure out just where he was a disciple of.

“It’s a bit bothersome. If I pull you into Divine Phoenix Island, there will inevitably be some people wagging their useless tongues. That’s right, I haven’t asked you, would you like to officially enter Divine Phoenix Island?”

Lin Ming hesitated. Enter Divine Phoenix Island?

This was indeed the best choice. Divine Phoenix Island had a rich amount of resources. Based on his current cultivation, it would be difficult to make anything valuable with his shallow inscription technique. If he wanted to use his skills to earn enough for the materials to craft the spear just by himself, who knew how many years it would take.

But because there was some sort of inexplicable self-respect in his heart that confused him, Lin Ming wasn’t too willing to join Divine Phoenix Island.

If he obtained the spear crafting materials on credit, then it could be said he would completely depend on Mu Qianyu in the future… Lin Ming had a strange feeling that it was a bit similar to being a gigolo.

Mu Qianyu saw Lin Ming’s hesitation, and her happy smile dimmed a bit. She looked at Lin Ming for awhile and asked, “It seems that you don’t like to owe favors to people.”

Lin Ming silently nodded. “A bit, because right now, my favors aren’t worth anything…”

“Haha, listening to you, it sounds like the favors you owe towards others are priceless.” Mu Qianyu’s eyebrows pricked up and she smiled. She felt that although Lin Ming’s words were seemingly humble, it showed just how formidable and confident he was.

Lin Ming didn’t reply. In the future, it would be hard to guess just how valuable his favor would be. But at that time, it wouldn’t be so easy for him to owe anyone anything.

“Well, that’s fine, let’s talk about other things for now. If you want fire-attribute materials, I have two different types of top fire-attribute materials. Hehe, I’m sure they would move even your heart.”

Lin Ming’s heart jumped. If someone like Mu Qianyu could call it a top fire-attribute material, then it shouldn’t be any worse than the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo.

“What is it?”

“10,000 year old Fire Parasol Tree!”


In the legends, the phoenix had a naturally noble and pure temperament. It would not drink anything that wasn’t the morning dew, it wouldn’t eat anything that wasn’t the tenderest of bamboo, nor would it rest on any tree that wasn’t a 10,000 year Parasol Tree. This Parasol Tree was the Fire Parasol Tree. The phoenix would only undergo its nirvana atop a Parasol Tree, and use the divine flames within its body to self-immolate, directly becoming an inferno of flames with the Parasol Tree.

A 10,000 year Fire Parasol Tree could be called a divine tree, its value was probably far beyond the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo!

In the refining of a spear shaft, using one material was naturally worse than use two materials. If the 10,000 year Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo’s bamboo fiber could become the bone, and wrap around the tree threads of the 10,000 year Fire Parasol Tree, then the spear shaft that was created would not only be indestructible, but it could simultaneously channel the dual attributes of fire and thunder origin energy with no impedance at all; this was simply a perfect combination!

How could Lin Ming’s heart not be moved at the thought of such a perfect spear shaft?

Mu Qianyu gently traced the red spatial ring on her index finger and continued saying, “In terms of fire-attribute materials, my Divine Phoenix Island probably has the richest resources out of all the sects in the South Horizon Region. Besides the 10,000 year Fire Parasol Tree, there is also the Vermillion Bird Flame Essence that is left behind after a Vermillion Bird undergoes nirvana. I can give you some. If you mix it into the spearhead, it will greatly enhance the spear’s power of flame.”

Mu Qianyu’s words caused Lin Ming’s heart to beat with eagerness. With so many top materials, what grade spear would be refined from them?


At the edge of the White Peak territory, there was a mountain range that spanned 10,000 miles. The peak of the highest mountain in this mountain range extended up 90,000 feet, directly piercing the sky!

This height was only 10,000 feet shorter than Thundercrash Mountain. The peak had surpassed the Calmstream Heavens, and approached the Primal Chaos Heavens!

Sky Spill Continent’s skies had six different layers. 30,000 feet above the clouds were the Primal Chaos Heavens. Here, the pure origin energy of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, thunder, and wind existed in their purest, most brutal and tyrannically savage form. Everyone below a Xiantian rank master who came up to the Primal Chaos Heavens would be immediately ripped apart by the violent and lethal surges of origin energy.

Initially, Thundercrash Mountain had approached the Primal Chaos Heavens and its entire summit was comprised of magnetic ore. Because of these special circumstances, it created a natural formation that was able to direct the flow of thunder origin energy from the Primal Chaos Heavens, forming an endless land of heavenly thunder. This was why the peak of Thundercrash Mountain had become a land of powerful thunder.

But this sort of mountain peak didn’t have such special circumstances. However, above the peak, there was a massive eight trigrams fire array formation that was able to direct the flow of fire origin energy, forming endless heavenly fire. Although this sort of man-made formation was far inferior to the vast scale of Thundercrash Mountain, it wasn’t any less in terms of quality. In the very center of the array formation, there was a vibrant heavenly fire burning; even a normal Xiantian master would have no way to defend against that.

Lin Ming saw the blazing fire that burned atop of the mountain from far away and was able to feel the rich origin energy emitting from it. He was completely shocked. If it wasn’t for Mu Qianyu informing him in advance, it would be very hard for him to imagine that this was created by a man-made array formation.

“This is where Ancestor Chi Yan lives?”

“Mm… you see the heavenly fire array formation? That is Senior’s ‘Refining Furnace’.

Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air. To have an eight trigrams array formation on such a grand scale just to use it as a refining furnace… this was truly a great show of power. No wonder this Ancestor Chi Yan chose to live in seclusion on these remote mountains; it was probably because of the heavenly fire at this mountain peak.

To use heavenly fire as a furnace, with the 10,000 year Fire Parasol Tree and the 10,000 Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo as the core, along with some other top quality thunder and fire materials to supplement… just what grade of treasure could be refined from this?

Lin Ming was filled with an incomparable amount of anticipation.

“Senior Chi Yan, Junior Mu Qianyu wishes to seek an audience for a certain matter.”

Mu Qianyu stopped just outside the eight trigrams fire array formation, and shouted out.

Within the Divine Phoenix area, for this recluse to cause Mu Qianyu to treat him with so much respect, this Ancestor Chi Yan’s strength could be imagined. But at this time, Lin Ming’s attention was actually attracted by the eight trigrams fire array formation. This sort of layout seemed… it seemed to have some places in common with the array formations found in the Realm of the Gods.

The first soul fragment that Lin Ming absorbed had come from an inscription master from the Realm of the Gods. The second soul fragment that he absorbed had come from an array master. This sort of Supreme Elder had a massive amount of knowledge and insight on array formations, all of which was completely absorbed by Lin Ming. However, the principles behind the array formations were too varied and profound, and also just the weakest array formation in those memories had required a Revolving Core master to create. Because of this, Lin Ming hadn’t spent any time studying them.

To the current him, these memories were useless. It was this reason that Lin Ming had been so disappointed when he received these memories. It wasn’t until he had also found the Heretical God Force and Golden Roc Shattering the Void in this soul fragment did he think that his choice had borne some fruit.

After this, Lin Ming had experienced the Seven Profound Valleys’ Array Faction.

He had seen the mountain gate trial, Fang Qi’s Golden Light Array Flag and Nine Circles of Blue Light Array, and before, Lin Ming had also been saved by the Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead, all of which belonged to the array formation technique of the Seven Profound Valleys. However, system and principles of array formations that the Seven Profound Valleys’ Array Faction had used were completely different than those of the Realm of the Gods. If the array formations of the Realm of the Gods’ power, might, and size were their symbol, then the Seven Profound Valleys’ Array Faction had pursued the path of simplicity and ease of use as their direction.

Especially those elements of compression that were found within the Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead, they had left an extremely deep impression on Lin Ming. This bead was enough to allow a weak martial artist to instantly kill a Pulse Condensation master.

The array master didn’t have any memories of these sorts of things in the Realm of the Gods. Lin Ming had thought that the array formation system of Sky Spill Continent and the Realm of the Gods were completely different, but now, seeing this Ancestor Chi Yan’s eight trigrams fire array formation, Lin Ming saw many shadows of the Realm of the Gods’ array formations.

In comparison to the memories of the Realm of the Gods’ Supreme Elder, this eight trigrams formation was very rough, filled with mistakes, oversights, and completely unreasonable areas.

As the bright flames burned, although one could feel the rich fire origin energy coming outside the array formation, there wasn’t even the slightest bit of heat emitted. It was truly amazing.

The fire array formation was quiet for a long time. Then, an ancient voice sounded out, “Mu Family’s little baby girl? This old man is busy, what do you want?”

Mu Qianyu respectfully said, “This junior has come to request that Senior help craft a long spear.”

“Refining a treasure? This old man is busy. Come back in 10 years. At that time, old man might have some free time.”

Ten years!?!?

Mu Qianyu froze. Even Lin Ming, who was listening, was left speechless. To them, 10 years was a very exaggerated amount of time. But to the several hundred year old Revolving Core master, 10 years was probably the time it took for one period of seclusion.

Why would anyone wait 10 years! In 10 years, anything could happen! At that time, Lin Ming probably wouldn’t even need this old man’s help!

Mu Qianyu seemed as if she wanted to say something, but ended up not saying anything. She looked at Lin Ming with some embarrassment, and her beautiful face flashed with a hint of awkwardness. “I apologize. I didn’t think it would be like this…”

Mu Qianyu really felt as if she lost a great deal of face this time. She had promised that she would help, but this was the result. “Let’s go back, there are some other people that I can ask to help. Once Senior Chi Yan has decided on a matter, he won’t change his mind, anything we do is useless.”

“No, wait… maybe… I might have a way to make Senior Chi Yan change his mind…

Lin Ming stroked his chin, looking quite thoughtful…


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