Chapter 302 - Serpent

Chapter 302 Serpent.


Chapter 302 – Serpent

Sun Youdao spoke up, sighing as he said, “Lin Ming became the champion of the Total Faction Martial Meeting, taking first place. He has already become one of the direct disciples of the Seven Profound Valleys…”

“…Champion of the Total Faction Martial Meeting? Direct disciple?” Yang Lin mumbled, the words of Sun Youdao echoing in his mind over and over. He was so shocked that he didn’t know how to react. After all, he knew what this news meant.

In these recent days, Yang Lin had researched everything he could about the Total Faction Martial Meeting. Naturally, he knew just what sort of existence a direct disciple was. The Seven Profound Valleys had four different classifications of disciples. The lowest class were the nominal disciples, followed by the outer court disciples, inner court disciples, and finally the highest, core disciples.

A core disciple was only selected every two Total Faction Martial Meetings, or in other words, every six years. Every faction only had a handful of core disciples, and the one that ranked first among these disciples was the direct disciple!

With seven factions, there would be seven direct disciples. Without a doubt, these seven disciples were all destined to enter into the top ten of the Total Faction Martial Meeting. This was a position...

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