Chapter 301 - Triumphant Return to the Nation

Chapter 301 Triumphant Return to the Nation.


Chapter 301 – Triumphant Return to the Nation

As Lin Ming rode atop Little Flame’s back, he could feel a heat wave flowing into himself, supplementing the Fire origin energy within his body. This caused Lin Ming to be secretly surprised. Indeed, Little Flame was worthy of being called a Saint Beast, it could actually absorb the power of fire origin energy from the world and then continuously boost whoever it wished to.

If Mu Qianyu ever engaged in battled, even if Little Flame didn’t attack, it would still be a great assistance to Mu Qianyu.

If Little Flame grew up and reached the Revolving Core boundary, then combined with Mu Qianyu, it would be even more incredible.

The Vermillion Bird soared into the sky, a scorching wind blowing past them. Liu Xuan narrowed his eyes as he watched Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu vanish into the sky. Liu Xuan couldn’t help but whisper in his heart, just what sort of relationship did Mu Qianyu and Lin Ming have?

If it was only an ordinary relationship, then Mu Qianyu would never allow Lin Ming to ride her life’s Vermillion Bird with her…

As Liu Xuan thought this, he had the good grace to not speak his mind. He only secretly regretted not taking advantage of talking to Lin Ming to befriend him.

Mu Qianyu deliberately didn’t reveal her relationship with Lin Ming in front of an audience. In turn, she also didn’t need to hide it.

As they flew on the...

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