Chapter 300 - Spear Refining Grandmaster

Chapter 300 Spear Refining Grandmaster.


Chapter 300 – Spear Refining Grandmaster

The truth was that even though Liu Xuan only had a very shallow experience of these materials, Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo was simply an exceedingly rare treasure. It could only been formed at special locations which had experienced powerful thunder for 10,000 years. The commoners who lived around Thundercrash Mountain in the Southern Wilderness had a much broader knowledge of the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo, as they were more closely intertwined with that environment.

In addition, Liu Xuan was a refining master whose specialty was forging swords and sabers. He understood almost every kind of top quality metal, but as for bamboo and other types of wood like materials, he almost never used them.

However, even though Liu Xuan didn’t know much about the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo, that didn’t stop him from being able to see the terrifying power of thunder that was emitting from this piece of bamboo.

As the bamboo appeared, an incomparably rich power of thunder flooded outwards. The flashes of electricity were even enough to force Liu Xuan to subconsciously step backwards, and make all of the hairs on his body stand. This bamboo was still able to cause this effect, even though Liu Xuan was protected by his powerful true essence; obviously the thunder created a very formidable electricity field.

And what startled...

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