Chapter 299 - Heaven Opening Pill In Hand

Chapter 299 Heaven Opening Pill In Hand.


Chapter 299 – Heaven Opening Pill In Hand

The reason why Zhang Shaoshan was so madly envious of Lin Ming wasn’t just the additional resources that were available to him, but because of the attitude that Mu Qianyu had towards Lin Ming. Even Zhang Shaoshan clearly knew that whether now or in the future, Mu Qianyu would have absolutely no relation to him. This caused his antipathy to rise to the skies!

Those who went against their true nature would damage their heart of martial arts. Every person’s true nature was decided by their conscience. For instance, those righteous individuals like Jiang Baoyun and Qin Wuxin followed the noble and virtuous path. If they did something evil, such as plotting against others, treachery, betrayal, or other malicious actions, this would go against their nature, inevitably ruining their heart of martial arts.

But as for those like the Acacia Faction and the South Sea Demon Region, these kinds of martial artists followed the immoral, wicked path. They placed emphasis on indulging in their most basic desires and fulfilling all of their dark ideas. If they were to behave and be goodly like some holy monk, then that also would go against their nature.

Zhang Shaoshan was an individual who had a very heavy and proud heart, and was also narrow-minded with a low tolerance level. He loved to step on others, but if someday he were...

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