Chapter 298 - Convincing Strength

Chapter 298 Convincing Strength.


Chapter 298 – Convincing Strength

Lin Ming. Early Pulse Condensation cultivation, 16 years old!

How did he defeat Mugu Buyu? And listening to the intent behind Mugu Buyu’s words, not only was he not Lin Ming’s match, but he was far surpassed by Lin Ming.

No one person thought that Mugu Buyu would lie. Mugu Buyu was such a talented genius, there was no way that he would frustrate his own spirit. Not only that, but there was no need to do so. It would be impossible for Divine Phoenix Island to do something so careless like designating Lin Ming as a heaven-step talent just because of some words from Mugu Buyu.

Then, the only explanation would be that Lin Ming truly was a  terrifying presence.

Peacock Mountain’s Lin Ping let out a long breath of air as he looked at Mugu Buyu. Naturally, he would be able to defeat Mugu Buyu by virtue of absolute suppression of power. But Lin Ming was only at the early Pulse Condensation period, how did he defeat him?

If Lin Ming was fierce at the early Pulse Condensation period, then what would happen if he reached the middle Pulse Condensation period, late Pulse Condensation period, or even stepped into the Houtian realm?

If that happened, maybe even Lin Ping himself wouldn’t be able to touch Lin Ming!

No wonder Divine Phoenix Island had chosen Lin Ming as a heaven-step talent. He was so young, yet he had...

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