Chapter 297 - Between Cloud and Mud

Chapter 297 Between Cloud and Mud.


Chapter 297 – Between Cloud and Mud

All the other sects’ elders looked at Mugu Buyu, puzzled. Just where did this little kid come from?

According to the information they received, during the Seven Profound Valleys’ Total Faction Martial Meeting, Lin Ming had been ranked first, and Jiang Baoyun was most likely second. As for this fellow who looked like a dried up mummy, he was third.

The Seven Profound Valleys’ third ranked disciple had come out to challenge White Peak Sect’s chief disciple, Zhang Shaoshan?

White Peak Sect’s elder grunted. Although his White Peak Sect was ranked tenth out of the 18 third-grade sects, they still weren’t much different from the Seven Profound Valleys – their strength was about the same. But now, the Seven Profound Valleys’ third ranked disciple had actually come out to challenge their chief disciple, this was just looking down on them too much.

It had to be known that the Seven Profound Valleys’ Jiang Baoyun had come to White Peak Sect last year to challenge them, but had been defeated by Zhang Shaoshan!

Not just that, but the talent list that Divine Phoenix Island drew up had caused the White Peak Sect elder to fume with self-righteous anger. There were 27 earth-step...

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