Chapter 296 - I Do Not Accept

Chapter 296 I Do Not Accept.


Chapter 296 – I Do Not Accept

When Shi Zongtian finished reading this list of 30 names, Zhang Shaoshan took the lead and said, “Valley Master Shi! I have a question!”

Shi Zongtian frowned as he was interrupted. He asked in a low voice, “What is it?”

“I would like to know who evaluates the talent rank? And what is the basis for this evaluation?”

Shi Zongtian said, “The names of the talent list were decided by Fairy Maiden Qinghong, and an elder from Divine Phoenix Island. They evaluated the results of these past years’ Martial Meetings of every sect!”

“Then this is a list that was comprised from the various Sovereigns and elders of the sects? I haven’t even challenged most of these people, isn’t the conclusion of my talent just too biased!?”

Zhang Shaoshan’s public denouncement of Divine Phoenix Island’s judgement could be considered extremely rude. But he was also voicing the thoughts and emotions of many other people.

“What a tournament tests is strength. As for this list of names, we are not looking at strength, only talent! As for those 30 people for which there isn’t enough information, we shall reexamine them and then decide where they belong.”


Before Zhang Shaoshan could speak any further, Mu Qinghong coldly humphed and said, “You. If you feel unsatisfied with our decision, then you can choose to...

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