Chapter 294 - Three Ranks of Human, Earth, Heaven

Chapter 294 Three Ranks of Human, Earth, Heaven.


Chapter 294 – Three Ranks of Human, Earth, Heaven

At this moment, Lin Ming had a very high need for a good spear. In his battle against Jiang Baoyun, he had been hard pressed by him, but eventually he overwhelmed Jiang Baoyun with his endurance, forcing him to make a final strike.

This was without a doubt partly due to Lin Ming’s slow speed, but another reason was because the insufficient power of the Heavy Profound Soft Spear was unable to display the full power of the azure true essence. Especially against Jiang Baoyun’s Black Crystal Sword, the difference was like heaven and earth.

If he could use the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo to make a low-grade earth-step treasure spear, then Lin Ming’s combat strength would instantly experience a great leap, and his power of thunder would be much stronger. If he fought Jiang Baoyun again, it wouldn’t be as onerous.

And after a few more days, Lin Ming would go to the Southern Wilderness and take the Eternal Flame Flame Essence. With the Flame Essence to assist the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo in creating a spear, it would be even more powerful.

As he thought this, the Heavenly Wind Eagle had already arrived at the Seven Profound Valleys’ highest peak. Lin Ming jumped down from the eagle’s back and walked...

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