Chapter 289 - The Limit of Speed

Chapter 289 The Limit of Speed.


Chapter 289 – The Limit of Speed

The Sword Faction Great Elder shook his head and said, “After Baoyun awakened the Sword Spirit within his body, he’s made 10,000 miles of progress every day. Even I find it difficult to estimate what level he is at now. During his four challenges this year, I accompanied him on three of them. The growth he’s made through every battle is just incredible!”

Hearing the Sword Faction Great Elder say such praise, those present felt amazed. It was just too striking that even the Sword Faction Great Elder didn’t know the limits of Jiang Baoyun’s strength. This growth rate was just bewildering. Jiang Baoyun kept creating miracles, he was just like the main character of some fantasy novel.

Shi Zongtian’s eyes shined and he couldn’t help but think in his heart, ‘Sword Faction’s Jiang Baoyun, Puppet Faction’s Mugu Buyu, Zither Faction’s Qin Wuxin, and now we also have an even more amazing talent, Lin Ming. With these four great talents gathered here in this single generation, is it time for my Seven Profound Valleys to usher in eternal times of prosperity?’


On the martial stage, an icy blue radiance shone out. At the same time, the two Jiang Baoyuns both flourished their swords, and two sword energies instantly twined together, the imposing aura in the air sharply rising to...

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