Chapter 288 - The Peak of All Battles

Chapter 288 The Peak of All Battles.


Chapter 288 – The Peak of All Battles

The referee team was keenly interested in the final match of Lin Ming and Jiang Baoyun. They decided to let the two of them adjust and restore their conditions to the peak. Before the final match began, the tournament was placed on hold for three hours until lunchtime was finished.

In fact, by this point many people weren’t even in the mood for lunch. They remained in their seats, fervently anticipating the upcoming match and discussing amongst themselves.

The common disciples of the Seven Profound Valleys had limited vision on what would truly happen. However, they had an outstanding capacity to fantasize how the match would play out, brainstorming countless ways that Lin Ming and Jiang Baoyun would fight. Even Jiang Baoyun’s Black Crystal Sword had had its function and characteristics thoroughly ‘researched’. Especially for the disciples of the Refiner Faction, although they were not so good at combat, this was a prime opportunity for them to display their specialized skillsets. They analyzed Jiang Baoyun’s Black Crystal Sword from multiple angles and deduced its attributes. If one wasn’t aware of the situation, then they would have even thought that these Refiner disciples were the ones who personally hand crafted the sword.

The afternoon sun...

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