Chapter 285 - Unstoppable

Chapter 285 Unstoppable.


Chapter 285 – Unstoppable

The intensity of the explosion was too strong. Lin Ming’s clothes were torn in many places, hanging off his body like rags. He had various injuries that ranged from mild to severe, but none of them were life threatening. If it wasn’t for the endless tenacity of his azure true essence and the fact that his own body’s defensive capabilities were so powerful, then he would have been in a pitiful state after taking such an attack.

As for Mugu Buyu, his defensive power was much stronger than Lin Ming’s. Still, with his main body hidden in the much less mobile Scarlet Gold Tortoise puppet, he was in a much more distressed and embarrassed state than Lin Ming. Under that violent detonation of energy, he and the Scarlet Gold Tortoise had been both sent flying backwards, smashing against the edge of the arena, and falling down like a turtle that was flipped over. Even the weapons in his hands had fallen out.

In the middle of the martial stage, the tiles that had just been repaired yesterday were completely blasted apart by the terrifying explosive force.

As for the Evil Fire God, its entire body was covered in fissures and cracks, and it seemed more dead than alive.

The other two puppets were also broken by the explosion. The giant alligator’s tail had broken, and the spider puppet...

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