Chapter 282 - Lin Ming VS Mugu Buyu

Chapter 282 Lin Ming VS Mugu Buyu.


Chapter 282 – Lin Ming VS Mugu Buyu

Normally after a Puppet Master stepped into the Xiantian realm, he would be able to reach the Essence Integration boundary. But Mugu Buyu had managed to do so with a cultivation of only a half-step to Houtian. Just based on this point alone, no one believed that Jiang Lanjian had even a small chance of winning.

After the match started, Mugu Buyu released a spider puppet from his bag. Up until now, he had only used this spider puppet, and appeared as if he would also only use this spider puppet to deal with Jiang Lanjian.

“Is that just the spider puppet?”

“Mugu Buyu is too arrogant!”

Jiang Lanjian frowned. He would be the first to admit that he wasn’t Mugu Buyu’s match. Still, for Mugu Buyu to only bring out his weakest puppet to deal with him, he was just being looked down on too much.

“Concept of Wind!”

True essence immediately circulated through Jiang Lanjian’s body. He cut out with the longsword in his hand, and several dozens of sword lights thrust straight towards Mugu Buyu. At that same time, his footsteps flashed, and his figure instantly vanished.


Jiang Lanjian appeared like a ghost by Mugu Buyu’s side. It wasn’t wrong that the spider puppet was powerful,...

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