Chapter 280 - Soaring Strength

Chapter 280 – Soaring Strength

Up until now, Ouyang Ming hadn’t encountered many top masters. He had only faced off against Fang Qi, Mugu Jirong, and Huan Xiaodie. Of these three matches, he had emerged victorious through overwhelming superiority; he hadn’t been forced to show any of his true strength.

However, no one doubted Ouyang Ming’s power. In the last Total Faction Martial Meeting, he had defeated Jiang Baoyun for the first time. He was once considered as the one with the highest chances of becoming the next Martial Meeting champion, but he never imagined that Jiang Baoyun would recover from his loss and become a terrifying presence that occupied the spotlight and suppressed Ouyang Ming.

In comparison to Ouyang Ming who hadn’t faced any great obstacles on his way to a string of complete victories, Lin Ming could be said to have had to overcome one great hardship after another. Now, Lin Ming’s fame was only inferior to Jiang Baoyun and Mugu Buyu, and was tied with Ouyang Ming.

As the referee announced the start of the match, the arena began to buzz with excitement. The crowd was neatly divided in half for those who favored Lin Ming and those who favored Ouyang Ming.

Many of the Acacia Faction disciples were screaming out cheers for Ouyang Ming. In comparison, the cheers for the visiting Lin Ming were much weaker. Besides the martial artists of the 36 countries cheering...

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