Chapter 279 - The Last Day

Chapter 279 The Last Day.


Chapter 279 – The Last Day

Night fell. The moon rose above the willow branches, shining brightly in the clear dark skies.

The Seven Profound Valleys’ night skies were particularly clean, as if the world itself had been washed of all impurities. This land was closed off by a massive array formation, and the heaven and earth origin energy was especially rich. One could cultivate here with twice the result from half the effort.

Lin Ming sat alone in his room. In his hand was a small deep green pill the size of a longan. It was crystal clear, just like the most precious of jades. This was the Blue Miracle Pill from the collections of Sky Fortune Kingdom’s Seven Profound Martial House. It was the reward that Qin Ziya gave to Lin Ming after he defeated Ta Ku.

Even to the disciples of the Seven Profound Valleys’ Total Faction, the Blue Miracle Pill was a rare and precious medicine; it was much more precious than the Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill that Lin Ming had received before.

When Lin Ming had his match with Wang Mu, he had used the Blue Miracle Pill and the Body Spiritual Ichor as a gambling stake. It had caused Wang Mu to lose his composure and be attracted to the bet, ultimately causing him to lose a quota at the Seraphic Pond to Lin Ming. These sorts of pills were rare even within the depositories of Huoluo Nation’s...

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