Chapter 276 - Tempering Marrow Realm

Chapter 276 Tempering Marrow Realm.


Chapter 276 – Tempering Marrow Realm

“Martial intent?”

With these two words from Shi Zongtian, all of the elders present were shocked. As they looked carefully, they saw that Lin Ming really had entered into a strange state, as if everything around him had no influence on him at all. This state was consistent to the supplementary martial intents that were described in the ancient texts.

A martial intent was something that could only be discovered, and couldn’t be sought. One could only comprehend one through their own lucky destiny, and this had absolutely nothing at all to do with a martial artist’s talent. It could even appear in the body of an ordinary person, or it could even appear in a completely wasted body.

Geniuses could be filtered and raised through generations by breeding, but a martial intent could not. In fact, in the countless talents of the Seven Profound Valleys’ younger generation, there still wasn’t a single person that had managed to comprehend a martial intent.

“He actually comprehended a martial intent… this fellow has such dog-sh*t luck! There must be smoke rising from his ancestors’ graves!” The Zither Faction’s old woman clenched her teeth like rabid dog, glaring at Lin Ming with her eyes and chest rising and falling like a frog. She was angry to the point that she couldn’t speak. This country bumpkin boy from the 36 countries had actually...

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