Chapter 275 - Pulse Condensation Breakthrough

Chapter 275 Pulse Condensation Breakthrough.


Chapter 275 – Pulse Condensation Breakthrough

“Breakthrough? Humph. It’s only Bone Forging true essence overflowing. The bottleneck between the Bone Forging stage and Pulse Condensation Period isn’t too big or too small, but you still have to connect your meridians and open them, how could it be so quick?” The Zither Faction old woman curled her lips is disdain. There seemed to be more and more miracles happening with Lin Ming, making her increasingly unhappy.

The bottleneck between the Bone Forging stage and the Pulse Condensation Period was one that every martial artist would inevitably encounter. If their foundation was poor, then a martial artist would be mired at this bottleneck for several years, or even dozens of years. But if too long a time passed, then that also meant the end of their martial arts path.

To talents within a sect, breaking through to the Pulse Condensation Period wasn’t anything too difficult. For a breakthrough, it would take a few months; even half a year was extremely normal.

But young talents were always racing against the hands of time. To them, several months were an incomparably precious treasure.

The old woman of the Zither Faction was already furious with jealousy and anger at Lin Ming, especially since he had managed to break through their Zither Faction’s Profound Wind Eight Melodies.

Shi Zongtian felt his beard, not speaking. He also felt that it was impossible...

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