Chapter 274 - Insight

Chapter 274 Insight.


Chapter 274 – Insight

“Profound Wind Eight Melodies!”

Qin Wuxin’s delicate hands harshly gripped down on the strings, and a suddenly shrill and plaintive sound came from the zither, as if silk cloth was being torn part.

Eight unique zither melodies shot out at the same time. These melodies were not separate attacks, but rather harmoniously blended within each other, their sounds resonating and suppressing each other at the same time, reflecting endlessly. The complex melodies were constantly transforming, endlessly changing, filled with layer upon layer of murderous intent, invisible and without form!

This was Qin Wuxin’s first time using such an attack at the Total Faction Martial Meeting. Before this match, she had only used several sonic wave attacks to sufficiently defeat all of her enemies.

Profound Wind Eight Melodies!

The young girls of the Zither Faction saw Qin Wuxin display this technique, and all of them began to smolder with elation. This was one of the Zither Faction’s ultimate skills, the core cultivation method among all core cultivation methods!

Of course, they would never have the good fortune to learn a cultivation method of such rank. In fact, with their talent, it was useless for them to study this even if given to them. They would simply be wasting their time.

The Profound Wind Eight Melodies was an offensive skill that the Zither Faction’s Founder had found in some ancient ruins. This skill contained an incomparably formidable attack power, and now seeing Qin Wuxin use this ability, the young girls of the Zither Faction stared with wide eyes and opened ears, lest they miss even a single detail.

In their view, Qin Wuxin was the pinnacle of talent. The difficulty of using the power of the Profound Winds Eight Melodies was beyond their imagination. If the opponent was to storm them, they would have no chance to do so. But once used, this technique truly swept away all opposition.

“Even the Profound Wind Eight Melodies been used, Wuxin has really encountered a formidable opponent this time.” The Zither Faction’s old woman’s face was very somber. This little punk called Lin Ming was too difficult to deal with; he was able to completely understand the attack patterns of the invisible sonic waves. However, the Profound Wind Eight Melodies was ever-changing and contained abstract principles within. When she was young, she had defeated many masters and experts with the Profound Wind Eight Melodies.

‘Wuxin has already cultivated the Profound Wind Eight Melodies to 70% proficiency. I want to see just how this little punk will stop this!’ Thinking this, the old woman’s cragged face revealed a coldly shrewd smile.

At this time, Lin Ming’s heart was calm and tranquil. He had already sensed through the Concept of Wind the eight murderous intents that were hidden in the air.

Although the Profound Wind Eight Melodies was incomparably enigmatic, its name still contained the word ‘Wind’. As long as it had to pass through the air, Lin Ming was able to sense every change of the notes through the Concept of Wind.

At this moment, Lin Ming closed his eyes. Facing this all-encompassing sound attack, vision had already lost all meaning. Even his sense of hearing was useless, because once he heard the sounds of the zither melody, the attack would already have arrived.

Under the support of the ethereal martial intent, Lin Ming instantly entered into a deep state of concentration. A powerful soul force surged out in eight directions like a massive octopus.

At this time, Lin Ming had cut off all five of his senses, and he could no longer see or hear. But Lin Ming’s soul force perception had risen to a terrifying degree. Every slight fluctuation in the surrounding atmosphere was completely under his control.

All eight of these melodies were meticulously grasped by Lin Ming.

First melody!

A slow vibration frequency, it was just like the low and deep waves of the absolute ocean.

Second melody!

The vibration frequency was a bit faster, it was like the clarion song of birds.

Third melody!

A slight vibration, it was difficult to detect. It was like the sounds of insects chirping at night.

Fourth melody!

An intense vibration, like the terrifying sound of earthquakes and landslides!


Eighth melody!

The frequency was fast, and the vibration was strong. It was like a silver vase being broken for the first time, it was like a knife cutting down on crystal clear ice.

These eight melodies were all different. They collided, resonated, reflected, supported, suppressed, endless variation!

If the frequency was different, then the power of vibration was different…

At this time, Lin Ming suddenly became aware. The power of vibration actually contained such a Law within!

Instantly, eight spears thrust out!

Each spear contained a different frequency and a different vibrating intensity of true essence. Each spear corresponded with a different melody!

Pah pah pah pah pah pah pah pah!

At the same time, the eight sounds appeared in the air. Every sound was light, as if it were a small firework fizzling away.

This was completely different from that sharp grating sound from the first impact.


The surrounding martial artists were astonished to the point of staring with slack-jawed expressions, especially those young girls of the Zither Faction who understood just how powerful the Profound Wind Eight Melodies truly was. They had an expression of absolute disbelief, they simply could not believe what Lin Ming had done. If Lin Ming had simply destroyed all of Qin Wuxin’s melodies, then they wouldn’t be too surprised. After all, Lin Ming had defeated even Jiang Lanjian.

But now, Lin Ming had thrust out eight spears, and spotlessly nullified the Profound Wind Eight Melodies, this was just beyond the scope of their understanding.

The eight melodies had endless variations. It was a cultivation method that was found in an ancient ruin; how could it be so easy to decipher?

The one with the most intense and violent reaction was the Sovereign of the Zither Faction. The face of this 200 year old woman instantly changed on scene, and she immediately stood up.

“This is impossible!”

The Zither Faction Sovereign had extraordinary eyesight. A normal martial artist would only know that Lin Ming had solved the Profound Wind Eight Melodies, but didn’t know the specific process. But, the Zither Faction Sovereign was able to clearly see this entire process!

Lin Ming had thrust out eight spears, and each spear contained a different implicit true essence. Each spear perfectly corresponded to all eight different melodies!

But even the Zither Faction Sovereign didn’t know what technique Lin Ming used so that his true essence was able to perfectly counterbalance the melodies without any sound flowing out at all. There was only a small grating sound; it was just like Qin Wuxin’s zither music had disappeared into thin air.

“This little punk! In that split-second he was able to deduce the profound principles contained within the melody! This is obviously his first time encountering the Profound Wind Eight Melodies, so how could he possibly be aware of this! He broke my Zither Faction’s core cultivation method, how is this possible!?!?” The Zither Faction Sovereign was simply unable to accept this truth. To her, the Profound Wind Eight Melodies was the highest cultivation method within the Zither Faction, and yet, it had been broken apart by a 16 year old boy in a single move. This was simply as if her own faith were collapsing before her.

Several surrounding elders saw the Zither Faction Sovereign’s crazy reaction and didn’t know why. They simply didn’t understand the intricacies of the sonic waves and didn’t know the mysteries of the vibrations.

“Sovereign Qin, what has caused you to lose your composure?” Shi Zongtian slowly asked.

The Zither Faction Sovereign’s face sank like a stone in water. She clenched her teeth and sat down without replying. She didn’t want to commend nor congratulate Lin Ming for his amazing perception – that was equal to slapping her Zither Faction in the face through another way.

Shi Zongtian faintly smiled. Although he didn’t understand the mysteries behind the music, he was able to guess that Lin Ming had caused Sovereign Qin to react in this manner. To cause this old bag to react so coarsely was not easy at all.

Things were becoming more and more interesting.

On the martial stage, Qin Wuxin had finally lost that light and ethereal temperament as if she were floating on wind. She had poured her true essence into that zither music, no one knew better than her just what happened a moment ago.

Lin Ming had thrust out his vibrating true essence with eight spears, and each spear contained a latent true essence vibration and frequency. These happened to collide with her melodies, causing both to mutually disappear!

How had he managed to achieve this?

Qin Wuxin felt her own eyelashes inadvertently trembling. She wanted to reach out and stroke her zither, but as her hands reached halfway she suddenly stopped. She found that Lin Ming was standing still, not noticing anything around him at all and dead to the world, as if he had entered some strange state.

Sudden enlightenment?

After some martial artist artists suddenly understood a Law, it was possible that they would enter into a state of sudden enlightenment. This state would last for several dozen breaths of time, and during that time period, their own cultivation, soul force, and comprehension of Concepts would grow by leaps and bounds!

This extremely wonderful and marvelous state was beyond rare; it could only be discovered and not sought, one had to experience a moment of true serendipity. Many masters had reached the Xiantian realm or even the Revolving Core realm without ever having experienced a sudden enlightenment.

Qin Wuxin understood this state because she too had once experienced it. It was a lucky chance that she had slipped into this state while she was adventuring through the deep valleys to temper her Zither Heart. After sitting in meditation for three days and three nights, she had spontaneously entered into sudden enlightenment. After waking up, her Zither Heart had reached Large Success!

There were very few 18 year olds in the entire history of the Zither Faction that had reached Large Success of the Zither Heart. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for her to use the Profound Wind Eight Melodies.

Sudden enlightenment was a condition that all martial artists yearned for in their dreams. It could occur anywhere and anytime. But once one was interrupted, then this state would also end.

Qin Wuxin hesitated, and finally she withdrew her hand. She calmly waited for Lin Ming to complete his sudden enlightenment.

She sighed in her heart, and let out a long breath. This young man’s lucky opportunities and talent could really make anyone mad with jealousy. He was strong to such a degree, and he also had amazing combat insight. Perhaps even Jiang Baoyun and Mugu Buyu would find it difficult to suppress a talent like this…

This time, Lin Ming’s sudden enlightenment originated from his understanding of the Law of Vibrations. Sound was only one kind of vibration, but vibration was the source of all sound.

Zither Faction disciples were skilled and well versed in sound waves and their use, but that was only in sound. In terms of understanding vibration, they were far inferior to Lin Ming.

After cultivating Flow like Silk for such a long time, Lin Ming was able to faintly trace upon the source of all vibrations, this was the so-called Concept of Vibration. It was what Lin Ming had suddenly become aware of after being inspired by Qin Wuxin’s Profound Wind Eight Melodies!

This understanding had allowed Lin Ming to have almost perfect control of the vibration of his true essence and the intensity of the frequency, causing the Profound Wind Eight Melodies to disappear. Those melodies had directly vanished, only leaving behind a small, dull, grating sound. Otherwise, it would have been like the first time that his spear had met Qin Wuxin’s soundwave. The soundwave energy would erupt and cause a high-pitched grating sound.

“So that’s how it is. When the vibration frequency is the same, but the direction is completely opposite, then the two vibrations will cancel each other out without a trace left…”

“On the other hand, if the vibration frequencies are the same, and the direction is also the same, then the vibrations will superimpose upon each other, and become stronger…”

Lin Ming’s heart was speaking to itself. The vibrating true essence within his body began to shake as it started to split up, differentiating from each other. In that moment every vibrating true essence filament divided into two; 5000 filaments turned into 10,000!


Lin Ming suddenly opened both his eyes. At this time, there seemed to be thunder flashing within his pupils!

In those trivial 10 breaths’ time of sudden enlightenment, Lin Ming’s soul force had soared to another level, and his true essence had substantially grown. His peak Bone Forging cultivation began to completely overflow! It started to independently flow into his own meridians!

Lin Ming’s meridians had long ago linked up by luck when he had absorbed the Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder. It was only because of Mu Qianyu’s warning that had given Lin Ming pause. The reason that Lin Ming had connected his meridians was because he had used the power of thunder, and was by no means through his own true essence. If he had broken through to the Pulse Condensation Period because of that, then his foundation would have been shaky.

Therefore Lin Ming decided not to forcefully breakthrough, but instead wait until his Bone Forging true essence accumulated to the point where it would naturally overflow. When this happened, that true essence would spontaneously flow into his meridians and create the most solid of foundations.

Because he had been forcefully suppressing his true essence so that it didn’t flow into his meridians, everyone, including Qin Ziya, hadn’t noticed that Lin Ming’s meridians had already linked up.

Now that his true essence was finally overflowing, all Lin Ming had to do was sit in meditation for an evening and consolidate his cultivation. At that point, he would officially enter into the early Pulse Condensation Period!

“This boy… it seems he made a breakthrough?” Shi Zongtian was startled. This was no trivial matter. Even within Divine Phoenix Island, it would be rare for a 16 year old to break through to the Pulse Condensation Period!

“Breakthrough? Humph. It’s only Bone Forging true essence overflowing. The bottleneck between the Bone Forging stage and Pulse Condensation Period isn’t too big or too small, but you still have to connect your meridians and open them, how could it be so quick?” The Zither Faction old woman curled her lips is disdain. There seemed to be more and more miracles happening with Lin Ming, making her increasingly unhappy.


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