Chapter 273 - Sonic Attack

Chapter 273 Sonic Attack.


Chapter 273 – Sonic Attack

Lin Ming and Qin Wuxin’s match caused the audience to seethe with burning excitement.

Qin Wuxin was a very popular and well-known figure within the Seven Profound Valleys. Out of the seven great direct disciples, two were women. One was Qin Wuxin of the Zither Faction, and the other was Huan Xiaodie of the Mirage Faction.

Compared to the small and exquisite, eternally child-like Huan Xiaodie, Qin Wuxin had grown up as a slender and magnificently proportioned women in all aspects; she was more popular by far. Many of the Seven Profound Valleys’ disciples had already unconsciously taken Qin Wuxin as their heart’s forbidden dream crush.

“Zither Faction disciple Qin Wuxin, please advise.”

Qin Wuxin stood still on the martial stage, her white gown floating gently around her, her appearance graceful and elegant. Because she had reached Large Success of her Zither Heart, she had a sort of speechless ethereal quality that couldn’t be touched upon. She calmly took down the zither on her back and gently waved her long sleeves. The zither suspended itself in front of her in midair, as if it had been placed on an invisible platform.

The audience’s cheers for Qin Wuxin were like an overwhelming tide that wouldn’t end. However, Qin Wuxin only silently played her zither, as she sat there seemingly unaffected by anything...

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