Chapter 272 - The Hero of Our Era

Chapter 272 The Hero of Our Era.


Chapter 272 – The Hero of Our Era

Jiang Lanjian returned to his own seat and quietly watched Lin Ming. He turned to Jiang Baoyun sitting beside him and said, “Lin Ming might join the Sword Faction in the future. Without accident, he will probably become the next first ranked disciple of the Sword Faction, and he might even be the strongest person in the Seven Profound Valleys’ entire younger generation!”


Jiang Baoyun faintly replied.

“Aren’t you worried?” Jiang Lanjian looked into Jiang Baoyun’s eyes, hoping to discern something from within them.

“Why should I be worried?”

“Worried that he might steal your position and take your resources. Right now you are the one with the most potential for growth in the entire Seven Profound Valleys’ younger generation, and are also a Sword Faction talent that hasn’t been seen in a hundred years. Before this, the Total Faction and Sword Faction would do whatever it took to raise you. But, if Lin Ming came…”

What Jiang Lanjian said was the truth. This was what 99 out of 100 people would worry about. In the end, the Seven Profound Valleys had limited resources.

Jiang Baoyun laughed, “Take my resources? Haha, Lanjian, do you think you can produce a top Revolving Core master by piling up resources?”

As Jiang Baoyun said this, Jiang Lanjian froze. He wasn’t wrong. One could pile up resources to...

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