Chapter 270 - Concept Showdown

Chapter 270 Concept Showdown.


Chapter 270 – Concept Showdown

Lin Ming had already comprehended the Concept of Wind a long time ago. The basis for his comprehension of the Concept of Wind was the top movement skill from the Realm of the Gods, ‘Golden Roc Shattering the Void’.

‘Golden Roc Shattering the Void’ was created by a senior Supreme Elder who had watched the cataclysmic battle between a Golden-winged Roc and a True Dragon. Afterwards, he had gone into closed seclusion for 60 years to meditate and comprehend the deep mysteries behind it. It could be said that the wind-attribute God Beast, the Golden-winged Roc, was the original ancestor of all wind. If the Concept of Wind was comprehended from its movements, the lofty heights of its boundary could be imagined!

Lin Ming’s perception wasn’t amazingly high, but it was by no means low. After a very long time, he had been able to trace upon the most basic superficial knowledge of ‘Golden Roc Shattering the Void’. Still, this little bit wasn’t something that a normal martial artist of the Sky Spill Continent could ever compare to. Even a wind-attribute martial artist who thoroughly studied wind true essence for their entire life would not be able to achieve something like this.

This could be called different starting points between their comprehensions of the Concept of Wind. Lin Ming’s starting point was simply much, much higher, it wasn’t something that a disciple of the Seven Profound Valleys could catch up to if they diligently trained for their entire life. It was just like how a common martial artist had a completely different starting point compared to a disciple of a great sect.

Although Lin Ming had understood a very high boundary of the Concept of Wind, it terms of utilizing its abilities, he could only find out through his own experiences. Lin Ming understood how to use the Concept of Wind for movement, but he didn’t know that the Concept of Wind could also be used in attacking.

‘I have to see just how the Concept of Wind can be used offensively, this is just a wonderful inspiration!’ Lin Ming activated his soul force, tracing each and every action of Jiang Lanjian’s movements with his perception.

Jiang Lanjian’s sword seemed to be fused into the air. One couldn’t even see the blade, they only saw brilliantly flashing sword lights.

Hu hu hu hu!

All of the surrounding wind was attracted by Jiang Lanjian’s sword energy, creating a massive cyclone.


“It’s getting windy here!” Everyone in the audience felt a sudden change with the wind in the air, as if every single air current was converging onto the center of the stage.

“How is this possible? The martial stage has protective array formations, Jiang Lanjian’s true essence shouldn’t be able to break through it!”

Many of the disciples expressed surprise and wonder. At this moment, a Sword Faction disciple stuck out his chest and proudly said, “Heh, what do you know? A Concept is a power of Laws! Senior-apprentice Brother Jiang has already firmly grasped the power of a Law; it’s just as if he were overlooking us from the top of the highest cliff. How could this power that comes from the origin of all existence be stopped by a Houtian level protection array!?”

The Power of Laws… it didn’t even need to break through, but could still penetrate a Houtian level array formation? Regardless of whether it was a disciple of the Seven Profound Valleys, 36 countries, or 16 martial families, all of them were beyond startled. This was simply too abnormal!

“If one can comprehend a Concept, they can ignore an array formation? Then can an Array Faction disciple who has comprehended a Concept fight against someone who has also comprehended a Concept?” A martial artist from the 36 countries humbly asked.

The Sword Faction disciple looked at that disciple with disdain, “Humph, you think that it’s so easy to comprehend a Concept? Its power is just too remote for the likes of you. Let alone your 36 countries, even in the entire younger generation of our Seven Profound Valleys, the number of people who have managed to comprehend a Concept can be counted on a single hand!”

“It’s not difficult to use an array formation to suppress a Concept, it just needs an array master to also have comprehended that Concept and then add that Concept into the array formation!

Can be counted on a single hand?

Hearing this number, many of the disciples present gasped. When this disciple mentioned younger generation, that meant all disciples that were 26 or younger. That included not just the geniuses of this Total Faction Martial Meeting, but even the disciples of the last Martial Meeting, and the Martial meeting before that.

With all of these talents added together, the number of people who have managed to comprehend a Concept still could be counted on a single hand?

If this number was true, then Jiang Lanjian’s perception was absolutely monstrous. If it wasn’t for the even more abnormal Jiang Baoyun, then Jiang Lanjian would certainly have been the Sword Faction’s direct disciple.

On the martial stage, the wind was blowing faster and faster, the air currents gathering to an extreme. Jiang Lanjian moved, his body suddenly blurring.

“Absolute Murder Breeze Blade!”

In that instant, all the wind in the air seemed to come to a standstill. Jiang Lanjian thrust out his sword, and 72 fierce sword energies molded into wind blades that pierced towards Lin Ming’s side.

However, Jiang Lanjian’s sword had vanished into the wind; the wind of the world was his sword!

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a bright light. True essence poured into the wind, and the sword melted into the wind. Using the wind as a sword, this was another way to utilize the Concept of Wind?

The long spear in Lin Ming’s hand began to tremble, the vibrating true essence within howling into the air, responding to Lin Ming’s desire to block Jiang Lanjian’s sword energy.

But at this moment, his pupils suddenly contracted.

Lin Ming hadn’t imagined that the first thing he would see coming at him was not the sword energy that Jiang Lanjian had released, but the hardened eyes of Jiang Lanjian!


Lin Ming was shocked, his movement speed was actually quicker than the sword energy!?!


The longsword drew out an arc. Jiang Lanjian was actually a step faster than his own sword energy, he arrived in front of Lin Ming first, his sword stabbing out!

At such a close distance and with the fast sword fused with the Concept of Wind, it was impossible for Lin Ming to dodge, and he didn’t have time to lift his spear! At this critical moment, Lin Ming’s palm formed a saber, and he slapped down on Jiang Lanjian’s sword!

Keeping off a saber with his hand!?

This was madness, utter madness!

The minds of everyone in the audience flashed with this thought. A sword and a spear were different. It was possible to keep off a spear by pushing down on the spear shaft, but a sword had two bladed sides, and this sword also contained an incomparably keen sword energy. Not only that, but the sword wielder was the sword talent Jiang Lanjian!

Even darksteel would be cut apart by Jiang Lanjian’s sword!

Did Lin Ming not want this hand anymore!?

In that flash of light, the audience simply didn’t have time to reflect on what was happening. Lin Ming’s hand had already slapped down on top of the sword!

A turbulent azure true essence raged out!

The vibrating true essence was just like the tide of the ocean as it rushed the sword blade.

Chi chi chi!

Jiang Lanjian’s blade was severely sharp, it endlessly sliced open true essence, but the azure true essence was simply endless; it could not be cut apart!

Jiang Lanjian was greatly surprised, he tried to arouse the true essence in his body to break apart Lin Ming’s azure true essence, but at this moment, he felt his own sword violently shake. Lin Ming’s true essence had penetrated through to his sword, scattering his sword energy.


Jiang Lanjian was shocked, he immediately pulled back his sword and withdrew like a storm. But in the moment that he retreated, the 72 sword energies that he had released earlier rushed around him, piercing towards Lin Ming!

This was the sword energy that he had previously sent forth. He had fused them completely into the wind. From the start until now, there had been no gap in this all-out attack, it was simply overwhelming!

Lin Ming had just blocked Jiang Lanjian’s attack, and hadn’t yet fully recovered from it. He was just unable to resist this blow!

Lin Ming shouted out and flew backwards. At the same time, the azure light protecting him suddenly rose like a deep sea sun!

Heretical God Force – open!

The azure true essence poured out without reservation, torrent upon torrent of blazing blue light!

Puff puff puff puff puff puff puff!

Although he had just managed to barely force away most of the sword energy, part of the sharp sword energy that contained the Concept of Wind managed to pierce through the true essence protecting Lin Ming. Even though he had opened the Heretical God Force, that sword energy had still made its way through and cut into his flesh!

However, Lin Ming’s bodily defense had transformed after his experience in the Sorcerer Pagoda, and his body was tough to an abnormal degree!

As blood oozed from his wounds, Lin Ming was forced back dozens of feet until he stopped. He had been injured by 13 sword strokes!

After the azure true essence that protected his body weakened, the sword energy also weakened. As it cut into Lin Ming’s tough flesh, it only cut less than an inch deep. To a martial artist with true essence at the Altering Muscle or Bone Forging stage, this could only be considered a light superficial wound!

Seeing Lin Ming stand on the martial stage as if nothing had happened, the audience all gaped at him.

This… was Lin Ming’s body made from iron? Even iron would have been reduced to pieces!

He had kept off the sword with his hand. The hand was fine, and the sword had been forced away!

He had used his body to directly withstand the sword energy, and he had only received a light wound!

This defensive power was just an anomaly!

It had to be said that the sword and sword energy were sent out by Jiang Lanjian! And he had also fused the Concept of Wind into his strikes!

The offensive attack power of the Sword Faction was number one within the entire Seven Profound Valleys! And Jiang Lanjian was the second ranked talent of the Sword Faction’s younger generation. His sword energy could easily slice apart darksteel!

In the contestant waiting area, Zhang Yanzhao was surging with emotions, his skin crawling with goosebumps. He imagined that if he had exchanged places with Lin Ming and had to face Jiang Lanjian who could use the Concept of Wind, then he would be defeated without a doubt! This…was simply too depressing a thought.

Let alone the late 72 sword energies, Zhang Yanzhao wouldn’t even be able to keep off that first sword strike of Jiang Lanjian’s. It was simply too fast!

There was no way he could keep off a sword with just his hands. When he had fought Lin Ming, he had used his own hand to stop Lin Ming’s spear shaft, and his hand had almost shattered. If he tried to keep off Jiang Lanjian’s sword, then he might as well cut off his own hand.

“This is the trump card that Jiang Lanjian has? He actually comprehended the Concept of Wind! If Jiang Lanjian hadn’t encountered Lin Ming this time, then how many people would have been able to block his sword skill? This Lin Ming is just too abnormal. If a sword skill like that cannot defeat him, then exactly what can?”


On the martial stage, Lin Ming was holding his spear as he stood, staring at Jiang Lanjian. ‘The Concept of Wind is truly endless and crafty in its usage. It is simply traceless! Jiang Lanjian is truly a genius; he managed to simultaneously fuse the Concept of Wind into his own attack and movements and create his own sword technique. If it wasn’t for my fortuitous encounters in the Sorcerer Pagoda, I would have been defeated by this sword! If just Jiang Lanjian is this powerful, then what degree will Jiang Baoyun have arrived at? It seems I mistakenly underestimated the geniuses of the Seven Profound Valleys, after all, they are 3 or 4 years older than me!’

Jiang Lanjian’s eyes shined brightly. ‘The sword energy was useless against him? That azure true essence that protects Lin Ming is too strong. Not only that, but his body’s defensive capabilities are astonishing. I really do not know what is so peculiar about his body, or how he managed to cultivate that azure true essence!’

‘If sword energy is useless, then I can only directly attack with my sword!’

As Jiang Lanjian took a step forwards, the Concept of Wind rose up again!

“Seven Swords Absolute Summit!”

The sword light entered into the wind. This time, Jiang Lanjian chose to directly attack with his sword.

Without the strange sword energy, Jiang Lanjian’s attack was much clearer. Lin Ming stimulated his azure vibrating true essence, and dispersed Jiang Lanjian’s attack with a single spear strike!

However, although the attack was repulsed, the sword energy stayed. The sword energy had fused with the Concept of Wind – it could not be scattered. Whether it was a saber, sword, spear, or any other weapon, none of them were able to cut the wind!

As the two youths fought, their battle became fiercer and faster, but Lin Ming’s heart was becoming increasingly clear.

‘This wind will never disperse, so the sword energy will also not disperse. This way of attacking with the Concept of Wind… I understand it!’

‘Then I’ll just have to experience for myself how to fuse the Concept of Wind into the spear!’

In a split-second when Jiang Lanjian’s sword was drawn back, Lin Ming’s spear suddenly turned into countless phantom mirages…

“Flowers in the Storm!”

Out of all the moves in the ‘Foundation Spear Technique’, none of them were more suitable to display the Concept of Wind than Flowers in the Storm!

The spear light fused into the wind, with no shadow and no form. True essence suddenly swelled forth, and the wind on the stage suddenly turned into countless sharp blades that pierced towards Jiang Lanjian!

This sudden turn of events caused Jiang Lanjian to cry out in surprise. With a stuffy cough, he anxiously retreated. As he tried to suppress the roiling blood in his body, he cast an incredulous look towards Lin Ming.

“This… this is…”

“Concept of Wind!?!??”

This is impossible!



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