Chapter 269 - Lin Ming VS Jiang Lanjian

Chapter 269 Lin Ming VS Jiang Lanjian.


Chapter 269 – Lin Ming VS Jiang Lanjian

Jiang Lanjian also hadn’t thought that the match between him and Lin Ming would come so soon. This battle was one he was thoroughly looking forward to. It could be said that out of all his future opponents, Lin Ming was the one he most hoped to fight!

It wasn’t because Lin Ming was the strongest. In Jiang Lanjian’s opinion, Lin Ming’s strength had already reached the top 5, and maybe top 3. But, Lin Ming’s spearmanship and actually caused Jiang Lanjian’s heart to race with excitement; his understanding of spearmanship was not inferior at all to Jiang Baoyun’s swordsmanship!

What Jiang Lanjian most anticipated was the process of fighting with Lin Ming. In doing so, he hoped to increase his own comprehension of swordsmanship!

“Let’s go on stage. This battle is one that I’ve been long awaiting. I will use everything I have in this match.” Jiang Lanjian looked at Lin Ming, his eyes blazing with fighting spirit. His footsteps were quick, he had already appeared on the martial stage.

Lin Ming also launched Golden Roc Shattering the Void. His body flickered and he suddenly appeared 100 feet away from Jiang Lanjian.

The entire audience held their breath, paying close attention to this battle between a sword genius and a spear genius.

This match was one they were all impatiently hoping...

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