Chapter 268 - Abyssal Flames

Chapter 268 Abyssal Flames.


Chapter 268 – Abyssal Flames

“I… admit defeat…”

During the fourth round of the tournament, Lin Ming’s opponent chose to directly admit defeat. This was already quite rare for anyone that managed to enter in the finals. Even if they faced one of the several direct disciples and knew perfectly well that they would never win, they still played out a symbolic battle. Many of the disciples purely came to experience the strength of the direct disciples and exchange moves with them.

As for Lin Ming, he could have been described as a complete unknown before the Total Faction Martial Meeting. Because of this, there weren’t many people that were interested in exchanging blows with him and ultimately end up disgracing themselves.

Lin Ming won with ease. Afterwards, it was time for Fang Qi to step on stage. Fang Qi finally ended his streak of bad luck; he managed to face a disciple who wasn’t too strong or too weak, and he ended up winning via overwhelming superiority.

Fang Qi ended the match with the fastest speed he could muster. It was as if here were trying to use this method to announce to the audience that he wasn’t weak, it was just that his luck was bad and he met two abnormal fellows.

As the matches continued one at a time, they were either unequal...

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